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Only allowing 5 of the best discs in your bag is devastating to think about if you are an avid Disc Golf player, but what about amateurs, casual players or first time players?  What are the best discs if you can only choose 5?  The first thing we need to do is categorize people into "Strong Arm" & "Weak Arm" throwers.  An example of these two different throwers is if you think about baseball.  Are you normally the person that can throw it farther than everyone else or are you the one who has to step closer and closer, because you can't reach the target?  Classify yourself, this is very important when choosing the right Disc Golf Discs.

It's important to understand is there are 4 main disk types you can choose from.  Distance Drivers - used for maximum distance 400+ft, Fairway Drivers 300 to 500ft- also known as Controlled Drivers, Mid-Range Discs - 100-300ft  and Putt & Approach discs - 0 to 250ft.  You can see there is over-lap in the distances I have choose since each person will be able to throw every disk differently. 

Lets start with the "Weak Arm" thrower for picking the top 5 best discs to choose!    We have chosen two Putt & Approach discs, two Mid-Range discs and 1  Fairway Driver.   The first thing everyone will jump on is, NO DISTANCE DRIVER?!  Yes that's correct, Weak throwers will not be able to utilize those types of disks due to the speed and velocity needed to throw them.  For off the Tee, our top disc is the Innova Star TeeBird.  Most Disc Golf players who have been playing for a while has defiantly thrown a Teebird before.  It's popularity is for good reason.  This disc is easy to control and will go straight and far, just what every new player needs!

The two best Mid-Range Discs chosen for the top 5 are the Dynamic Discs Truth & the Latitude 64 Compass.  The Compass is a slow-speed Mid-Range disc that's easily controllable and goes straight.  How much easier can it get for a Weak arm beginner?!  The Truth was chosen due to it's ability for high drop shots and just an excellent utility disc to get you out of terrible situations.  It has a slight fade and turn so it doesn't fly straight, but it's not too crazy!

Putt & Approach, the bread and butter you SHOULD be throwing, but rarely do.  Westside Discs Harp is the first 4th disk on the chart. It will not be used for putting, but more of an approach disc. It's flight pattern will fly straight until the end where it will taper off(fade) at the end. This is needed consistently while you are playing Disc Golf and the addition of the Harp in your bag will be very useful. The last Disc rounding out the top 5 is the most important disc, your Putter! Dynamic Discs Judge! Named best disc of the year in 2013, for good reason is the go-to putter for amateurs, professional and anyone else playing the game. It's as straight as they come when you think of playing catch on the beach with a Frisbee.  

Now lets get to the big guns, those strong arm throwers who make Disc Golf look so easy bombing their throws for miles!  The top 5 chosen are very different due to the brute strength god has given you and u'd be a fool not to utilize it.  We have 2 Distance Drivers, 1 Fairway Driver, 1 Mid-Range and 1 Putt & Approach Disc.

Innova Boss will be your go-to off the tee Distance Driver. It's record holding throw by David Wiggins Jr throwing 1,108 ft proves just enough why it's needed in your bag.  The second Driver is also from the same Manufacturer, the Innova Destroyer The top selling disk by a long-shot on our site as well on infinitediscs & Discgolfcenter. It's popularity comes with extrodinary capabilities for being a utility distance driver, if that's even possible to think about! The control you have while getting massive distance is why it's in the top 5.

The lone Fairway Driver is the Innova Teebird again. No reason to go into why this is excellent for your bag! Mid-Range were going with innova mako3. It's ability to fly flat, straight, far and not flippy is how it's in the top 5. No worries, we didn't choose all Innova for the "Strong Arm" throwers, our putter we can't say no to the Dynamic Discs Judge. We would love to choose a different disc and explain why, but this disc is just too good! It's the putter every single player needs in their bag.


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  • Your Best Disc Golf Discs are pretty on par. I’m happy you classified two seperate groups cause I don’t think enough do this and beginners completely screw up. I see so many people buying 14 speed discs and they tell me it’s the best disc…….I’m just like uhh you can’t even throw a 10 speed disc!

    Jason Kotz on

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