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Disc Golf Shopping is here to review the Innova Destroyer; the utmost well known & popular disc golf Distance Driver. Professional PDGA members, Ken Climo, Paul McBeth & Avery Jenkins all carry the Destroyer in their bag. Paul McBeth says this about the Destroyer: "The Destroyer is disc of choice for maximum distance, both backhand and sidearm." Diameter of the disc is 21.1cm with the rim width being 2.2cm. 

Innova states the Destroyer is best choice for Maximum Distance, Long Hyzers & Headwind Drivers. I fully agree with these statements of Maximum Distance. Due to this however makes it hard to control. This is why it is not recommended of a beginner, because it's not forgiving when you throw it incorrectly. One thing I do like about it is unlike the Colossus, you can throw it at 3/4 speed and will still fly excellent. You don't need to put everything into your throw to see excellent results with this disc. I would recommend sidearm throwers to get this disc immediately. It's a very fast stable distance driver and previously stated, not well suited for beginner disc golf players.

Debbie Scott - "My long time sidearm favorite has to be the Destroyer. It gives me such confidence. I get great distance, dependable fade, and a big skip/flare at the end. The Destroyer is also my go to driver for shots uphill."

Christian Dietrich - "The Destroyer is the choice of an overwhelming number of top pros for precision control with maximum distance. It is easier to throw accurately at maximum power than any disc on the market."

Innova provides flight ratings for all of their discs. Below are the rating they have given for the Destroyer disc.

Speed: 12   |   Glide: 5   |   Turn: -1   |   Fade: 3

In conclusion, Paul McBeth's success has given the Destroyer all the publicity it is due, however remember he is a professional! This disc is great for those who can control it. If you are a beginner and still want to utilize this disc, I would recommend the Pro or blizzard Champion plastic as these will be easier to get the same type of results without having your disc do a silly meathook shot.

 Plastics Available:

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