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Disc Golf Shopping is here to review the Innova Katana.  This disc is fast, and excellent for distance off the tee.  It's also great for huge turnover shots & tailwind driving.  The Katana was introduced to the public on 10/18/09.  Professional PDGA members, Hannah Leatherman & Holly Finley has said this about the Katana:  Hannah- "The Champion Katana went right in my bag brand new. I throw it hard, with a slight anhyzer angle, and low. When it hits the ground it skips really far which I like. I also use it for most of my drives into a headwind."  Holly- "The Blizzard Katana is my go-to distance driver when there is little to no wind. As a new player, the Katana helped me achieve maximum distance. Try one out in light weights between 135g-150g if you want to add some distance to your drives. It is also a great disc for new female players!"  Diameter on this disc is 21.2cm with the rim width being 2.5cm. 

Innova states the Katana is built with the finesse thrower in mind. Recommended downwind driver.  As the previous professionals have shown, they both utilize a form of the Champion Plastic when choosing this disc.  Not to say the other plastics are under par; I just like to point this out.

This disc has a lot of everything!  Lots of speed, lots of glide, tons of turn and fade.  Make not of high numbers aren't always the answer, but they do provide you with excellent data to know when to utlizie this disc.  Just like most men like their women, this Katana is very curvy!  Watch out for trees and know this disc will be swinging in the wind while you throw this disc.  It's beautiful when u watch it fly just like watching any curvy women! 


Plastics available:

Flight Ratings provided by Innova for the Katana.

Speed: 13 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -3 | Fade: 3


Innova Katana Flight Path

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