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Disc Golf Shopping is here to review the Innova Mako3; one of the most well known Mid-Range discs in the Innova arsenal minus the Roc3. Professional PDGA member, Paul McBeth & David Wiggins Jr. carries this excellent Mid-Range straight as an arrow disc in their bags. David Wiggins Jr. says this about the Mako3: "The Mako3 is an excellent choice for laser straight shots that require control and accuracy.  It has lots of glide and is easy to throw, making it a great choice for threading lines down tightly wooded fairways." Diameter of the disc is 21.7cm with the rim width being 1.2cm.

Innova states the Mako3 is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a straight flyer with very limited fade.  The easy to grip and release rim offers clean consistent releases.  The Mako3 is a great disc for one disc rounds.

Innova provides flight ratings for all of their discs. Below are the rating they have given for the Mako3 disc.

Speed: 5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 0

This disc is the straightest flights i've seen fly before.  It's great for a beginner since it is a very forgiving disc when thrown.  It's straight nature will allow anyone to look like a professional while throwing it.  One of the best discs for a player playing Disc Golf for the first time when only wanting to purchase one disc!   It can be used for putting, Mid-Range and Distance Drives.  This was my first disc I ever purchased for Mid-Range and I wasn't disappointed!!!

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Innova Mako3 Review Disc Golf Disc

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