Innova TeeBird Disc Golf Review

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Disc Golf Shopping is here to review the Innova TeeBird.  This disc is the most well known Fairway Driver in Innova's arsenal.  Professional PDGA members, Steve Brinster, Steve Wisecup and Ken Climo are just some of the many who carry this versatile disc in their bag. Steve Brinster says this about the TeeBird: "The TeeBird is the best driver ever made.  Controlled distance at it's best."  Steve Wisecup also have high praise for it; "The TeeBird is the workhorse of all my drivers because: It has penty of distance.  It is super dependable upwind or downwind.  It is very predictable.  it is the Roc of drivers.  Diameter on this disc is 21.2cm with the rim width being 1.7cm. Shown below are the available plastics for this disc:

  • Star: 150-175g
  • GStar: 165-175g
  • StarLite: 130-159g
  • EchoStar: 173-175g
  • Champion: 150-175g
  • Metal Flake: 165-175g
  • Glow: 165-175g
  • DX: 150-175g

    Innova states the TeeBird is one of our most accurate and reliable fairway drivers. It has a combination of straight flight, high glide and good speed that make it accurate and long flying both upwind and downwind. It is a popular choice for pros including 12 time World Champion and Hall-of-Famer Ken Climo as well as 2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins. The TeeBird is very versatile driver; Excellent for pin-point accuracy, distance and sidearm.

    Innova provides flight ratings for all of their discs. Below are the rating they have given for the TeeBird disc.

    Speed: 7 | Glide: 5 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2

    I utilize this disc for every drive I ever do. Unfortunately I don't have a strong enough arm to utilize the more recent discs Innova and other manufactures have come out with. The speed and aerodynamics on those discs are very flat and need a very strong throw for them not to fade immediately on flight. This is the beauty of the TeeBird. The strength is not needed to throw it amazingly far which is why this disc is among the favorites of many!

    Innova TeeBird Flight Path

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