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Posted by Ken Krempetz on

Hello all,

so at my shitty job today at wow cable and I just had a terrible day!  I currently get my discs from a distributor for Innova.  Well i am trying to cut the middle man and work with Innova directly.  It's been nothing but trouble!!!  You would think when someone comes knocking with 10,000 dollars wanting to buy product they would open the door!

Well they basically denied me and said I need to go through the distributor unless I have a brick and mortar store.  It makes me want to not even sell their discs and spend all my marketing into the other manufacturers for the sole reason of I make better profit margins along with them pissing me off!!!  

I have always loved the designs by MVP but haven't thrown a single disc so I have a hard time selling it to consumers when I don't even know anything about it!  I have sold approx 100 discs so our site is in dire need for a restock.  I'm extremely tempted to buy MVP instead of Innova because of our run ins!  

Id love to hear from you guys and see if I should be stocking a different brand!


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