Innova 200 discs!

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Alright so it's finally my time where I took the leap of faith and spent almost 2,000 dollars on inventory!  I bought all Innova products with a random amount of DX, Pro, Champion, Star, GSTAR, metal flake, blizzard name it!!!

While DX discs I basically make no money, I want to still provide them to consumers especially considering I think of DX discs as the "gateway drug" for becoming addicted to disc golf!  I for one actually prefer DX plastic for my Putt and Approach discs, my favorite being the dart, while most likes some type of aviar3

I did most of the work on the website prior to actually ordering, however I also posted them all on e-bay which took about 8 hours of my time.  Going forward if I am to still plan on posting on eBay I will need a better system!   Before work today I went and played an 18 hole course in my hometown of Bartlett.  I'm always happy when I don't lose a disc since 3 of the holes are water holes.

Funny dad and I were playing the course and going towards a water hole my shot was so bad it went into the water!  This is why my dad and I think of that course as 4 water holes, not 3!  We however changed the course and when we play together we skip 5 holes making it actually a 13 hole golf course which is perfect for us.  

I gotta get to sleep, church in the morning and I have 7 discs that have sold I need to fulfill even though mail doesn't come until Monday!  


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