Latitude 64 Ballista

Latitude 64 Ballista Cover

Latitude 64 has done it again; Another excellent high-speed Distance Driver, Ballista.  It currently is being sold only in Opto plastic, but will surely see more plastics in the future.  This is one of the fastest distance drivers in the world made by Latitude 65.  It's overstable for beginners and slightly understable for more advanced Disc Golf players.  Ballista has amazing speed and accuracy with a dependable flight pattern.  It's utilized for shaped shots that allow for fade at end of flight.  For the advanced thrower, you will see some high speed turn from the Ballista which not always a bad thing.  It's recommended for the more advanced player, however beginners will still find use for this disc in their bag.

Speed: 14 Glide: 4 Turn: -0.5 Fade: 4   |   PDGA Approval Date: 12/19/14

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