Discmania Active


The Active lineup by Discmania is produced with the help of China’s leading Disc Golf Company, Yukon. Previously, Discmania products were only being produced by Innova, but now they have partnered with 3 companies, Innova, Yukon and Trilogy (Latitude 64). The “Originals” are produced by Innova, “Evolution” produced by Latitude 64 and “Active” by Yukon.

Discmania Active discs use a base level plastic that is very soft and grippy that works in any weather condition. There are currently only 5 discs in this plastic being molded that are very price-point friendly without giving up on a quality product.

Depending on how well the product does they may expand on the Active plastic for Discmania or might just end with these 5 discs. It’s all how the consumers react to the product at hand. They started these great Discmania Active with (1) Putter, (1) Mid-Range, (2) Fairway Drivers and (1) Distance Driver.

Discmania Active

Discmania Active

Explore the first 5 Discmania Active discs produced and grab the two which will be re-named before there all sold out!

1. Discmania Guardian Lion Active | Putter

The Guardian Lion is the only current putter for the active line with a speed of 3 (Wrong flight number on the disc printed) with a glide of 3, turn of 0 and fade of 1. ( 3 | 3 | 0 | 1 ) We have a lot to talk about on this disc! For some reason, they will be re-naming the Guardian Lion to Tiger Warrior maybe because of the mis-print or because Innova is launching a Mid-Range named Lion. This is expected to be done in the same year, 2019.

The Discmania Active Guardian Lion has an extremely flat top with a low profile for a putter. The neutral flight has a slight fade at end of flight giving you a consistent flight pattern every throw. In addition, it works well as an approach shot providing a very straight flight when thrown hard with almost no turn or fade. It’s 3 speed and glide so you will not be seeing massive flight out of the disc and sailing past the basket.

While we don’t know the artwork for the Tiger, the Guardian lion seems to be sitting with a disc that looks like a ball to me. The Discmania emblem is present along with the Active emblem. The words, Putter along with the flight ratings and PDGA approved are right above the Lion’s tail. A large stamp which provides a widespread appeal.

2. Discmania Spring Ox Active | Mid Range

The Spring Ox is the only current Mid-Range for the active line with a speed of 4, glide of 3, turn of 0 and fade of 2. ( 4 | 3 | 0 | 2 ) This disc has a bead with a low profile that provides a smooth release for the hand and a steady flight. It’s another straight flying disc with slow speed and glide that helps sustain precise accuracy.

Most Mid-Range discs have a very wide diameter, but not the Discmania Spring Ox. It has a diameter of what a normal Distance Driver would have. This allows Disc Golfers the ability to hold the Spring Ox in their hand ease and is very comfortable, not bulky. This design also allows for sidearm shooters with a disc they can count on.

The artwork of the Ox looks more like a bull, but were not here to pick on the naming and disc! It’s got large horns and a muscular body with proves to be ready for a fight just like a Disc Golfer is in any weather conditions.

3. Discmania Sun Crow Active | Fairway Driver

The Sun Crow is 1 of 2 Fairway Drivers on the Active line with a speed of 7, glide of 5, turn of -4 and fade of 1. ( 7 | 5 | -4 | 1 ) The eye opening number here is the turn of -4. This makes the Sun Crow a very beginner friendly disc making it very flippy. Due to this massive amounts of turn, it can be easily utilized for rolling shots and a great utility fairway driver.

While the Sun Crow didn’t have any issues with artwork or mislabeling the speed like the Lion did, they also will be changing the name of this disc. Within 2019, they are re-naming the disc to Sun Bird. The disc will stay completely the same flight characteristics, but inevitably the artwork will change.

The Discmania Active Sun Crow artwork is of a bird pearched looking to grab the Active emblem. At first glance the disc looks amazing, but if you inspect it, the bird has 3 feet. Birds don’t have 3 feet! Maybe this is what they are going to change on the disc and why they will be changing it to the Sun Bird instead of the Sun Crow.

4. Discmania Fox Spirit Active | Fairway Driver

The Fox Spirit is the 2nd Fairway Driver on the Active line with a speed of 6, glide of 4, turn of 0 and a 2 fade. ( 6 | 4 | 0 | 2 ) Again, in the active line they are using a smaller rim disc that provides kids and smaller hands to have a better comfortable grip. The Fox Spirit has great stability and allows for excellent forehand shots. The disc has reliable fade at end of flight with minimal turn.

The artwork on the Discmania Active Fox Spirit is my personal favorite. A normal fox like picture wth some flowing feathered tail gives the Fox great depth. It’s got eyes glaring into the Disc Golfer’s eyes.

5. Discmania Sea Serpent Active | Distance Driver

The Sea Serpent is an 11 speed driver with a glide of 5, -2 turn and a Fade of 2. ( 11 | 5 | -2 | 2 ) It is a neutral driver and for the strong arm throwers it will be flippy. It’s currently the widest rimmed disc in the Active lineup which help cut through the wind like a knife. The high speed turn allows for throwers to get maximum distance for however hard you throw the disc.

The artwork on the Discmania Active Sea Serpent has a monster with not one, not two, but nine heads. It’s got the wind/sea flowing on the bottom providing depth the serpent. The picture is thought of like Chinese figure and artwork.

These disc are produced in only 3 colors, Red/Pink, Blue and White with very minimal stamp selections. The discs are better suited for beginner players, but advanced/expert players always tend to find niches for these type of discs to be placed in their bag.