The Discmania P1x is a Putt & Approach disc that flies straight just like it's predecessor the P1. So what's the difference? The P1x is the first beaded putter made in the Discmania line-up. Enjoy the great putting experience along with some amazing straight flight approach shots. At the end of the flight when gliding slowly, you will see little to no fade from the P1x.

Speed: 2   |  Glide: 3   |   Turn :0   |   Fade: 0   |   PDGA Approved

Discmania P1x

Why should I use the Discmania P1x? If you enjoy a bead on your putters, this disc should be in your bag due to its straight flight characteristics and excellent feel in the hand. The P1x does resemble the P1 a lot which is why they didn’t provide it with a new name such a P2, P3, etc. It was released in early 2015 with pressure from the US Disc Golf players truly looking for a beaded putter option.

Another unique quality the Discmania P1x has is a rounded nose. This allows for the disc to become slower and also reduces the amount of glide the disc has since it’s not as aerodynamic. It’s designed to be a putter, not a distance driver so glide and speed are normally not what you're looking for unless your planning on utilizing it as an approach disc. The flight characteristics will also stay much longer than a normal aerodynamic disc as the wear n tear won’t be shown as easily.

Plastics Available For The Discmania P1x

The Discmania P1x is actually used by a lot of professionals, but hasn’t fully become a mainstream approach disc so the plastics Discmania currently has been molding for “stock” discs are more commonly used plastics for putting.

D Line - $7.99
X Line - $10.99
Stiff P Line - $10.99


We find it surprising they haven’t placed a normal P Line into the mix, but instead a Stiff or how other manufacturers call it, “Hard” plastic. Players tend to gravitate towards the softer “grippy” plastics when shooting at the basket due to the ability to grab the chains better. This plastic might be in the making, however, Discmania has had trouble keeping stock available for all there discs along with special editions being released just about every month.

Who Bags the Discmania P1x

Discmania has two really great players always contending for the top spot, Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon. Does Simon Lizotte Bag the Discmania P1x? Yes, he bags (5) D-Line P1x discs! He actually switched just recently as he used the P2, but instead now use the P1x for putting. He still utilizes a P2 in his bag, but not for putting. He makes sure his P1x discs are all white.

Eagle McMahon actually does not bag the P1x as he grabs the P3x for putting and uses just like Simon the P2 as an approach disc. The p1x and p3x seem to be the choice for many in the putting game, but never as an approach shot. It truly comes down to do you want a beaded putter or a non-beaded putter. We believe it’s all a preference on what feels more comfortable for the disc golfer.


Diameter: 21.2 cm
Height: 2.0 cm
Rim Depth: 1.4 cm
Rim Width: 1.0 cm


Which Plastic Is Best For The Discmania P1x

Discmania keeps it simple for players as they only allow for 3 different options to choose from on the P1x currently with the D, X, and Stiff P Line plastics. To be completely honest, all 3 seem to feel the same for me in the hand which makes sense. The X line, in theory, will be able to take a lot more beating comparing it to the P and D Lines. P Lines should provide the best performance, but if you choose to be like a professional, Simon chooses the D Line which is actually the cheapest option.

We feel Simon uses the D Line for one big reason, he can keep the consistency through and really cycle through his putters without having issues of $$$. Being able to practice with the same disc over and over and over again will outweigh the high performance a P Line will provide that might get dinged up on the chains easier.