Your short game is quintessential in providing low scores in Disc Golf. The Discmania P3x will boost this part of your game with this fast putter. It's a Putt & Approach disc that is an overstable beaded putter with a flat top. The Discmania P3x is the perfect choice for cutting through the wind. It has a strong fade at the end of flight providing you with a reliable disc that becomes a staple in many players' games.

Speed: 3   |   Glide: 2   |   Turn: 0   |   Fade: 3   |   PDGA Approved

Discmania P3x

One of Discmania's last creations of the putter in a long time, the Discmania P3x has a slight bead, medium-sized. It's great to have to give the bottom of your fingers a little more control than a normal disc without a bead. Becoming a more experienced disc golfer and utilizing discs with and without beads, it will be apparent if you like them or not; it's truly a preference on the player.

Discmania started with P1, then went to P2 and now the P3 always pushing the disc farther and farther to an overstable disc. The most overstable putter in the Discmania line-up currently surely has it's up-sides for players with stronger arms and it will always provide that reliable fade for a beginner for a putter. We're talking a lot about how the disc flies for far ranges, not close within the green as the Discmania P3x truly shines as an approach disc opposed to a formal putting disc. While it still can be used for this type of super short-range shot, we feel there are better types of discs on the market that can fill that void in your game.

Plastics Available For The Discmania P3x

Were actually surprised that Discmania has not crafted the P3x in the X Line or G line plastic since it's a pretty popular disc. It still is fairly new and they have been very busy launching multiple different special edition discs along with there deal with Yikun and Latitude 64 with the Evolution and Active brands. The Discmania P3x is now considered an "original" made by Innova. Here are the current offerings:

D Line - $7.99
C Line - $13.99
S Line - $14.99


    Diameter: 21.2 cm
    Height: 1.9 cm
    Rim Depth: 1.6 cm
    Rim Width: 1.1 cm

      Comparing the Discmania P3x with the P2 it's slightly wider but has less height. In general, this disc will feel bigger in the hand just like most Mid-Range discs. Like we previously said with comments, it really excels as an approach disc due to the over stability.

      Which Plastic Is Best For the Discmania P3x

      While all 3 options seem great, it really depends on how you are going to be using the disc and the weather conditions at the time. When it's very windy we would always choose the C Line or D Line plastic as it will be stiffer and won't bend with strong winds trying to make your Discmania P3x change directions. On non-windy days, the S Line will have the grip and flexibility that will provide you with very accurate throws. While all 3 are great options, those would be our preferences.

      Colten Montgomery, Dana Vicich and Eagle McMahon all have the Discmania P3x S Line in there bag for forehand approach shots and overstable approach shots. One name that you might see missing is Simon Lizotte; he does not bag it as he just loves the P2 too much! Eagle McMahon doesn't just bag the S-Line but also the D Line for when he's looking to throw a shorter straight shot.

      We really hope Discmania starts expanding their plastic options on the Discmania P3x as it's the overstable disc a lot of players have always been looking for. The option of only 3 different plastics is disappointing, but the 3 main ones are there for people to sink there teeth in. Let's hope the future is bright for this disc as I would love a Glow P3x!