The Discraft Comet is an understable Mid Range that flies reliably straight for a good 300+ feet. Disc Golf Review voted the Comet as a player’s “Best First Disc”. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the Discraft Comet is a must-have in your disc golf bag. It’s been tested and endorsed by the best and you will not be disappointed.

Speed: 4 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 1 | PDGA Approved

The Discraft Comet is a disc that is just having trouble getting traction just like any other Mid-Range in the Discraft lineup since the Buzzz is just the go-to disc for everyone.  Its ability to allow beginners with an easy release disc along with an excellent flight path is something many players don’t have when they start playing Disc Golf. This disc provides them with it as it’s by far one of the best beginner discs on the market.


The Comet has gotten some notoriety but not an exceptional amount.  Discraft has crafted the disc in many of their plastics, but not all just yet.  It’s just a matter of time until they will release this disc in all plastic, but for now, here are the plastics available:

A Tour player for Team Discraft, Andrew Preznell finds the disc very glidy for a mid-range.  The slightly understable disc provides easy shots for turn-over especially in the woods throwing a straight tunnel shot.  Andrew likes how when the Comet is thrown it will hold the turn throughout the whole flight without fade at the end.

Here is what Discraft has to say about the disc:

If you own only one disc, this is it. The legendary Comet™ is a super accurate, straight flying approach disc. The venerable Comet is like a favorite pair of old shoes: trustworthy and comfortable. Need to go 300 feet on a straight line? Reach for a Comet.


  • Height: 2.1 cm
  • Diameter: 21.8 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.3 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.2 cm

WHO BAGS THE Discraft Comet

We have stated it’s excellent for beginners over and over, but does that mean a Professional player will just not touch it? Wrong!  The Comet even has a signature disc for the ESP 2019 Tour Series by Michael Johansen. He actually only bags 1 Mid-Range and obviously it’s the Comet.  He’s been doing decent on the tour sporting this disc in his bag the whole time.

Any player can find success when throwing it and we encourage everyone to try it out.  We wouldn’t consider it under stable, but it’s definitely stable. A weak arm thrower will find great success with this disc, especially if the buzzz was just too much for them.  Everyone should look into the new Big Z plastic artwork on the Comet as many don't see them in the sky until they are on a Disc Golf Course.

Discraft Comet Flight Chart