Discraft ESP Raptor (Tour Series 2019) - Paul Ulibarri

Discraft ESP Raptor Tour Series 2019 - Paul Ulibarri

Paul Ulibarri is from Glendale, Arizona where Vista in Phoenix Az is his home course. He has notable wins from the 2006 Am Worlds along with 2x Brent and 80+ professional wins. The Discraft Raptor this year launched the first run in Z-Plastic at the same time as some of Paul McBeth’s. This sadly put a back-seat to this excellent disc and Ulibarri is sure to put the Raptor back on the map with his Discraft ESP Tour Series Raptor.

Discraft ESP Buzzz (Tour Series 2019) - Nate Doss

Discraft ESP Buzzz Tour Series 2019 - Nate Doss

Nate Doss is from Bend, Oregon and currently is on 3 different tours, the PDGA National Tour, Disc Golf World Tour and Disc Golf Pro Tour. Notable wins for him are the PDGA World Champion of 2005, 2007 and 2011 along with a 1st place in 2008 of the USDGC. Over his whole career being a professional since 1994 he has won $275,759 as of 5/9/19. He couldn’t be more excited to see the Discraft Tour Series ESP Buzzz with his name on it.

Discraft ESP Thrasher (Tour Series 2019) - Val Jenkins

Discraft ESP Thrasher Tour Series 2019 - Val Jenkins

Valarie Jenkins is another player from Bend, Oregon, but grew up playing on her home course in Roscoe Ewing Park, Medina, OH. Her parents Sharon and Leroy were Disc Golfers who maintained the course and consistently helped with making it the best possible course around. She is a 4-4-4-Four time Women’s World Champion, 5x Player of the year and a 2x US Women’s Champion. The Discraft Tour Series ESP Thrasher fit perfectly since it’s used in her game consistently.

Discraft ESP Comet (Tour Series 2019) - Michael Johansen

Discraft ESP Comet Tour Series 2019 - Michael Johansen

Michael Johansen is from Denver, North Carolina and his favorite place to play is in Bracketts Bluff, Davidson, NC. He says it’s become his disc golf haven when his is home and not on the road playing. The Comet is the only Mid-Range he bags so it just makes sense for the Discraft Tour Series ESP Comet to be his signature disc.

Discraft ESP Zone (Tour Series 2019) - Brian Earhart

Discraft ESP Zone Tour Series 2019 - Brian Earhart

Dear to our hearts, this Illinois native resides out of Vernon Hills, IL close to our location in Elgin. His favorite course is Dellwood Disc Golf Course located in Lockport, IL that sports a 27 wooded hole course with a mixture of big open shot selections. He has notable wins as a 3x Ozark Mountain Open Champion and a 2017 Indiana State Champion. He uses a Banger-GT for putting, but those approach shots he couldn’t be more happy using the Discraft Tour Series ESP Zone.

Discraft ESP Buzzz SS (Tour Series 2019) - Tim Barham

Discraft ESP Buzzz SS Tour Series 2019 - Tim Barham

Tim Barham is very excited to be apart of the Tour Series for Discraft and he has gotten to his point with some excellent wins. He has 2 A-Tier wins in 2018 and is a 2x Michigan State Champion. Since Discraft is located in Michigan, they want to make sure there state shows how great they are. His favorite course is Whiskey Creek due to the consistent elevation changes along with tunnel shots. He couldn’t be more happy he got chosen for the Discraft Tour Series ESP Buzzz SS for his signature disc.

Discraft ESP Drone (Tour Series 2019) - Andrew Presnell

Discraft ESP Drone Tour Series 2019 - Andrew Presnell

Andrew Presnell is from Ozark, Missouri where he has dominated the state these past years getting the win in the KC Wide Open in 2017 along with the 2018 Taneycomo Throwdown. His favorite course is all the way up in Leicester, MA that has a mix of wooded and open disc golf that challenges people daily. His Signature disc is the Discraft Tour Series ESP Drone for 2019.

Discraft ESP Force (Tour Series 2019) - Austin Hannum

Discraft ESP Force Tour Series 2019 - Austin Hannum

Austin Hammum is from Perry, Oklahoma a small town with a population under 5,000 located approx. 70 miles from Oklahoma City, OK. He is a player always so close to winning, but this year to date (5/10/19) until Jan 2018 his only first place win has been at the Straddle the Brazos - A WACO Fundraiser. He currently has (4) 2nd place finishes this year!!! With his ability to get massive distance it’s easy to see why he got the Discraft Tour Series ESP Force.

Discraft ESP Vulture (Tour Series 2019) - Austin Turner

Discraft ESP Vulture Tour Series 2019 - Austin Turner

Austin Turner, the 2nd Austin on the team is from Charlotte, North Carolina. He has struggled pushing himself from becoming excellent to elite, but hasn’t stopped the journey to becoming the best. The lights and attention seems to get the best of him, but Discraft sees the potential in him. He has the Discraft Tour Series ESP Vulture backing him on the course.

All of these players are on tour to help grow the sport of Disc Golf. Discraft has produced these discs for the community, but it also helps fund these players for sometimes food, hotel, tournament entry fees, etc. Just like in the NBA, there might be one player that gets paid $$$$ but the supporting cast doesn’t always see a big payday. Disc Golf is sadly not as large compared to the NBA so many of these players don’t even collect a salary except for a royalty from these discs.