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Force Elite Z (Force Be With You)


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Discraft Elite Z Force - Star Wars Force Be With You

Discraft has made Star Wars Disc Golf possible!  Star Wars May The Force Be With You in Z-Line plastic is strictly words with no visual picture, but do we really need anything more than this iconic phrase?  Currently molded in the one disc you can only imagine the right disc for the job, the distance driver, Discraft Force.

So who actually said "May The Force Be With You?"  Answer: Han Solo said it to Luke Skywalker when leaving Yavin 4, even though he didn't necessarily like the stance toward the Force.  It was also said later in the movie by Admiral Gial Ackbar before the battle of Endor, but it was said slightly differently, "May The Force Be With Us."

The Discraft Force is a very overstable distance driver that people compare to the Nuke. The Elite Z Force has .2 cm less rim width making the speed 12 so the ability for a larger audience of players from beginner, Intermediate and Experts will be able to throw. The disc is still recommended for Intermediate/Experts as the harder you throw with Force, the farther this disc will go!

Speed: 12   |   Glide: 5   |   Turn: 0   |   Fade: 3   |   PDGA Approved


The most durable of the plastics Discraft offers is the Elite Z plastic blend and works great for the Elite Z Archer. It’s a translucent plastic uses brighter colors in general that are very stiff. It’s mainly used for Distance Drivers and Fairway Drivers, however, they use them for Mid-Range and Putters at times. Its stiffness is the key strong-point along with amazing durability.


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