All Players (Understable) All Players (Understable) Advanced (Stable) Experienced (Overstable)
APX Challenger SS Banger GT Luna
Focus Magnet Challenger Zone
Putt'r Rattler Challenger OS
Roach Ringer
Ringer GT


Approaching the basket, and within the circle on the green is when a Discraft Putter comes in handy.  From popular models such as Roach to an overstable Zone, you won't go wrong getting your disc inside the basket on the course.  Discraft likes to provide their discs in every plastic possible. They are one company that doesn’t make Putters/Mid-Range in the cheaper range of plastic only and make the premium quality as LE. Discraft provides their Putters year round!

There are flight ratings on the disc which tells you the Speed, Glide, Turn and Fade each individual model.  For Putters, the Speed is which puts them into this category.  The range of speed to be categorized starts with 2 such as the Challenger and all the way up to a speed of 4 such as the Zone.  Due note, faster speed does not mean farther distance, especially for an individual with minimal throwing power.  These discs are molded to provide superb accuracy while limiting the distance capability greatly. Remember, lighter discs will provide beginners an easier and provide a rewarding experience. 

The Discraft Putters will have the widest rim of all disc types.  The wider rim allows for less potential of flipping a disc or going sky high and plummeting into the ground.  Many people suggest beginners use a Putter for there driving, mid-range and putting to learn and grow into the sport of Disc Golf.  Find your Discraft Putter that suits you best!