First Run Discs

What is a First Run Disc? A First Run disc are new molds or even new plastics being released with a special stamp or a stamp showing First Run. Innova has a Star stamp that has become iconic to knowing it’s either a prototype or first run of the specified disc, but hard to identify what disc it is.

Everyone always wants to be first when it comes to anything; it’s human nature. The Disc Golf companies has obviously noticed consumers love these discs. They have gone to lengths of making them and providing their team members them to advertise and build the hype.

Occasionally the hype becomes very large and the market gets flooded with discs, such as the Paul McBeth First runs. Other times like the 10 year Buzzz’s the real hype didn’t start until after they stopped producing them which inflated prices. It’s an easy supply vs demand: When companies launch the disc, they wait for the Disc Golf Stores like ourselves, Disc Golf Shopping to place their orders. Once they have a rough idea on how many to produce, but if Disc Golf Stores don’t believe the hype around the disc and don’t purchase enough then the supply is low and demand is high; prices sky rocket.

One thing is 100% certain, there will always be a limited supply of First Run’s opposed to normal stock stamped discs since orders can flow through consistently throughout the years for the demand of the disc. First Run’s don’t have that luxury, you only have one shot at getting it, right when they are launched!