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Flow Ballista Ballista Pro Missilen
Riot (OOP 2016) Bolt Cutlass Scythe
Gladiator Halo Stiletto
Knight Raketen Blitz (OOP 2016)
Villian (OOP 2016)


Spinning discs across the fairway becomes much easier when throwing Latitude 64 Distance Drivers.  From popular models such as Ballista, to a smooth sailing Havoc it's easy to understand why Americans have found this international brand in the states.  Latitude 64 Distance Drivers come in two major brands, Opto & Gold.

Latitude 64 Opto Distance Drivers have superior durability which can last a lifetime!  This Opto plastic has sighly less grip than Gold, but the amazing durability along with a smooth feel with transparent plastic pulls in many buyers.  It also tends to not be as flexible for plastics; on the stiff side.  

Latitude 64 Gold Distance Drivers have the grip, have the durability and have the flexibility allowing them to be the premium plastic choice for Latitude 64 and many in the Disc Golf Community.  If price is not an option, the Gold standard is always a good choice.

There are flight ratings on the disc which tells you the Speed, Glide, Turn and Fade each individual model.  For Distance Drivers the Speed is which puts them into this category.  The range of speed to be categorized starts with 12 such as the Scythe and all the way up to a speed of 15 such as the Missilen.  Due note, faster speed does not mean farther distance, especially for an individual with minimal throwing power.  Every single one of these discs were molded specifically to provide maximum distance for a Disc Golf player. Remember, lighter discs will provide beginners an easier and provide a rewarding experience.  I link it to bowling, we all know the heavier ball is better, but if you can't throw it, what's the use!

The Latitude 64 Distance Drivers will have a sharp edge compared to a Fairway Driver, Mid-Range or Putt & Approach disc.  This aero-dynamic airfoil on the disc allows for the speed to increase and thus resulting in a potential farther throw.  Find your Latitude 64 Distance Driver that suits you best!