Dynamic Discs proudly brought Marvel Discs into the sport of Disc Golf!  Marvel Frisbees also known as Discs has swept the nation with Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and More!  All these discs (frisbees) come pre-packaged so unfortunately it's impossible to know their exact weight.  Everyone's favorite Captain America Shield Disc brings the power of Captain America into the Disc Golfer's hand.  The Marvel Discs designs do not affect flight path, but surely brings joy to everyone around with the breathtaking designs.  Each picture will surprisingly look even more stunning in person! 

The Marvel Discs come in select models as Dynamic Discs runs through their production phases they choose their highest selling products to place these designs on.  Our current offerings include the Judge, Truth, EMAC Truth, Suspect, Verdict and more.  They have also branched some of these designs off into Westside Discs and Latitude 64 models now as well starting in 2018.  The Bard has been a popular disc for a long time; finally Marvel Discs have embraced it!

Top 5 Marvel Disc Designs

For some time Dynamic Discs have been proudly producing Marvel Discs for the community.  You might be a diehard Marvel Comics person or just a casual person watching their countless movies.  It really doesn't matter as these discs are exquisite

They are produced with Dynamic Discs fusion plastic.  This is their premium plastic and gives the best results for players.  Each disc is wrapped in a retail like packaging thus making it impossible to know the exact weight.  Throughout the years of producing them, they randomly allow retailers to buy the discs in different models, but at minimal quantities. 

The MSRP, also known as manufacturers suggested retail price was $24.99, but in early 2018 it seems every retailer in existence places them at $19.99, also the minimum price Dynamic Discs states is a strict DO NOT GO UNDER price or severe consequences happens. (Basically a three strike rule and 100% no business and potential lawsuits may occur)

Interestingly enough the same time everyone dropped their price a retailer who I will remain anonymous dropped their price and placed multiple discs on EBay.  If you were lucky enough to score some, congratulations!  Another note, the same time this all happened coincidence or not, the wholesale price dropped as well. (to go in line with the "new price?")

We probably never know what Dynamic paid for the license to make it happen, but it has to be beneficial if they are still in production.  They offer Hot Stamps, but the true beauty comes in their DyeMax coloring.  We want to countdown our top 5 Comic heroes and state our favorite design.  

5. Iron Man

With all the Iron Man movies, the story of Tony Stark has become in the lime light compared to earlier.  There is something about a rich cocky person that rubs me the wrong way.  Batman...is rich, but he doesn't come off as a bragger.  

All that being said, Tony Stark surely has all the gadgets a kid can only dream of having when they are young.  Dynamic Discs provides the Marvel Discs in a few models to give a good variety for you.

They have 5 different Iron Man designs to choose from in the DyeMax and a few Hot Stamps they seem to cycle through.  Our favorite one shows off my favorite weapon on Tony Starks suit.

Favorite design: Ink Dispersion Iron Man

4. Thor

My favorite Marvel Comic I wish they had more artworks on the god of thunder.  This probably really enhanced my love from a game I played as a child, D.O.T.A (Defense of the Ancients). Not many know, but Thor used a Battle Axe instead of his hammer.

They have 6 designs, two which highlight his hammer.  The other 4 is showing his show most of his body and head giving great detail.  Two of the images are the same, but with a different background picture making it look way different unless you study the two images together.

With all the enemies Marvel Comic characters have, Thor has one popular villain, Loki.  I'm surprised they haven't placed an image of him yet on any disc, but maybe soon to come? :)   Picking a favorite us was hard and very close as none stood out as the true winner, but we had to pick! 

Favorite design: Close Thor

3. Punisher

An italian badass, who doesn't love this guy being a one-man wrecking machine against the mafia.   He was first introduced in a Spider Man comic and writers must have really liked the characters.  He was "canned" 2 times due to poor sales, but he just kept being revived in new movies, comics and toys.

He is on the list of Marvel Comics I could say most don't know about.  In the recent movies however, again writers couldn't help themselves and placed him into the scripts.  I don't blame them, I like his story as well.

Only made in two designs, a Steath Punisher and a Canvas Punisher both not being images of him, but the logo he wears.  They both truly show the dark side of him, especially the darker black one.  He's higher on the list not, because of his stature in the Marvel pecking order, but the designs are on-point.

Favorite design: Stealth Punisher

2. Hulk

Big. Green. Monster.  A truly amazing storyline and heavily built-up character.  People connect to him, because we all have a friend who randomly blows up and starts becoming the Hulk himself!  Lets not hope it's on the Disc Golf Course, but when a disc gets spit out of a basket....we all turn into the Hulk for a bit. 

We do have to tell everyone, do not go crazy like the Hulk playing Disc Golf.  We need to keep the community safe and secure.  Keep the game fun, challenging and channel the Marvel Disc Golf Comic to an aggressive 500+ ft drive!

Hulk Smash!  Six different designs set all pictured obviously of him as the giant green muscle-bound beast with exception of one showing his fist crashing down.  Our favorite just makes sense, because when Hulk comes in he makes a mess!

Favorite design: Splatter Hulk

1. Captain America

This patriotic hero has been a fan favorite ever since the existence of him.  A Soldier, a normal human any person can think of them as being.  Showing your USA colors could not be more prevalent than with Captain America.

Every single artwork has his signature Shield in the photo. There is something special seeing a shield disc flying down the fairway playing Disc Golf.  You can truly connect with the Marvel character while enjoying a casual play or intense competition.

Nine different designs will obviously showcase that Captain America is the most popular character in their arsenal.  His weapon, the Captain America Shield is among multiple ways portraying him.

Favorite design: Captain America Shield

Update: It's sad for us to inform everyone that Dynamic Discs is no longer going to stock these products.  They stated the license was not cost effective for them to keep going forward so have parted ways after 4 years.