Marvel Disc Golf Frisbees Cover Banner 


Dynamic Discs proudly brought Marvel Discs into Disc Golf!  Marvel Frisbees also known as Discs sweep the nation with Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and More!  All these discs (frisbees) come pre-packaged so unfortunately it's impossible to know their exact weight.  Everyone's favorite Captain America Shield Disc brings the power of Captain America into the Disc Golfer's hand.  The Marvel Discs designs do not affect flight path, but surely brings joy to everyone around with the breathtaking designs.  Each picture will surprisingly look better in person! 

The Marvel Discs come in a select few models as Dynamic Discs runs through there production phases they choose there highest selling products to place these designs on such as the Judge, Truth, EMAC Truth, Suspect, Verdict and more.  They have also branched some of these designs off into Westside Discs and Latitude 64 models now as well starting in 2018.  The Bard has been a popular disc for a long time; finally Marvel Discs have embraced it!

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