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Dynamic Discs Marvel DyeMax Fuzion Suspect is the perfect in-between Putt & Approach disc.  It's low profile and small diameter makes it feel like a putter.  It was built with stability and great glide to almost become a Mid-Range Disc.  Throwing the Suspect hard it will fly flat and lands flat without ever flipping over.  The excellent versatility and great feel, we Suspect everyone will love this disc.

Speed: 4 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 3

We can't guarantee the weight on these discs as they are bagged and header carded.

Fuzion Plastic

  • Durability of Lucid Plastic
  • Additional Grip
  • Excellent for advanced Disc Golf players
    Dynamic Discs Team Member Review 
    "The Suspect is one of the most important discs in my bag. It perfectly bridges the gap between putter and midrange. Instead of trying to crush a putter or feather a mid, I simply throw the Suspect."
    - Chris "Smitty" Smith

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