Paul McBeth has become an iconic figure in Disc Golf especially with his strong move going from Innova to Discraft.  He was born on July 9th 1990 in Huntington Beach, CA with a spouse, Hannah McBeth who he married on December 2018.  Paul turned professional in 2008 and has many accomplishments throughout his career.  He currently has 111 professional wins (as of 3/9/19)

Why did Paul McBeth switch to Discraft?  Well nobody truly knows except for Paul himself and maybe Innova and Discraft.  What people believe happened was he wanted to start his own brand and Innova did not want anything of it.  Discraft being the #2 Disc Golf manufacturer with Latitude 64 (Trilogy) being on their heels had no issues bringing himin and bring his ideas to light.  

It has finally occurred, Discraft has officially signed Paul McBeth and he’s no longer apart of Innova Discs. He is the 4x World Champion and Discraft is kicking off 2019 with 4 exciting First Run signature discs from Paul McBeth!

1. Discraft First Run ESP Buzzz

The #1 seller for Discraft and very close to the number 1 seller for all Mid-Range discs in Disc Golf. No question in anyone’s mind one of the Paul McBeth Signature Series discs were going to be the Buzz. Many consider it the best disc you can buy hands down no matter Distance, Fairway, Mid or Putter. The reliable, straight flight path Mid-Range you can depend on consistently. You can put all your might into the Buzzz and it will fly at any line you put on it.

The ESP plastic line is a re-design with advanced plastic technology. It’s durable with improved strength, tackier grip and every disc has some sort of cool swirly looking design/dye. It’s compared to Innova’s Star plastic, but has some very nice additions. We all wondered what type of plastic Paul McBeth would choose for the Buzz since it was obviously going to be one of the discs in his bag!

2. Discraft First Run Z-Line Zone

Were pretty sure for this Paul McBeth Signature Series Z-Line Zone will be used for his forehand shots. The Zone is perfect for this type of throw due to its low profile and overstable flight characteristics. It holds lines without flipping better than any disc on the market. Perfect for long approach shots, and delivers predictable putting in any weather conditions Mother Nature throws at us. The glide is excellent it’s amazing a small flick of the wrist and the disc will seem to fly for days.

The Z-Line is normally translucent so you can see thru the disc giving a nice touch. It has the maximum durability on the market for disc quality, but you lose a little grip to obtain this quality. It’s very sturdy and can withstand many types of beatings which also helps it cut through the wind. It’s compared to the popular Innova Champion plastic. Paul will be sure to have a blast with his new Signature Series Zone.

3. Discraft First Run Z-Line Force

Star Wars just launched right at the end of 2018, but did the signing of Paul McBeth come overshadowed? Which was a bigger move for Discraft? We feel Paul will grow the sport greater than Star Wars, but it’s pretty even. All that because the Paul McBeth Signature Series Z Force is one of the discs! The Force be with him! When throwing for max distance, this should be your go-to disc of choice. It’s currently Discraft’s fastest overstable distance driver. It has a wide rim with amazing glide providing some next level distance for Disc Golf players. Due note, it’s intended for experienced players with massive arm strength.

Another Z-Line plastic for the Signature Series and for good reason. Paul loves to play disc golf and the amount of punishment we give our discs, he needs all the durability in the world! He pushes the limits when playing every time. Most of the time, it works out for him, but there are those occasions….(I have them a lot more) you need the durability more than ever.

4. Discraft First Run TI Undertaker

Ah another Distance Driver that’s closer to a controlled driver. The Undertaker is a versitible disc that’s a workhorse for many players. It flies straight for an average Disc Golf player, but if you have a massive arm like Paul McBeth, the Undertaker has an excellent trait, it won’t become flippy. The perfect reason why Paul will surely have the disc in his bag using it for a controlled drive.

This disc is being molded in the TI plastic, Titanium Line. It’s an improved polymer-based composite with additives made by chemists. It provides great durability, which we already told you why everyone needs that. It provides improved strength, better grip than the Z-Line. This plastic is newer and hasn’t caught on for Disc Golf players, but time will surely help as it’s an impressive addition.

5. BONUS: Paul McBeth Proto Putter

We still haven’t gotten any details on the Proto Putter by Paul McBeth, but we are surely anxious! Anything Paul is ok with his name surely has to be good! I am very pleased at the artwork presented on the signature discs as it reminds me of a Discmania MD3 signature series disc.

Update: This plastic is a new form called Luna especially made for Paul McBeth.  It's basically a Jawbreaker but slightly different grip and still a consistent unique look to every disc.  It's a Proto so there is a possibility it will go into a normal run or never be made again!

These discs will not be in stock forever as it’s a first run with limited quantities. Grab yours today before they are all gone! If you purchase all 5, you are given one free or $20.00 off. Paul McBeth will hopefully be on Discraft for a long time, but only now will there be a First Run of these limited quantity of discs!

Discraft has officialy announced they are out of stock on all 4 First Run signature Series discs!  They will still be producing the discs, however they will no longer have the collector stamp of "First Run" on them.  Grab yours before we run out as well!