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Almost there, just need to "tap it in, just tap it in" to hear those chains rattle, grab a Dynamic Discs Putter!  From popular models such as the Judge, to a smooth sailing Slammer you won't go wrong finessing your way into the basket.  Latitude 64 Putters come in three major plastics, Prime, Classic and Lucid.

Dynamic Discs Prime Putters will serve their purpose, however too many hits on the trees might just damage your disc rendering it without the same flight path as intended.  This being said, just like hockey skates, some prefer beat up Prime discs as the change in flight is exactly what they are looking for.  

Dynamic Discs Classic Putters are utilized more for the mid to short game.  Knowing the possibilities of damaging a disc are less severe, the Classic plastic provides better grip and gummyness allowing for an easier throwing experience to provide accuracy over distance.  They mold the Classic plastic in Hard, Medium & Soft; basically how flexible you want your disc to be.

Dynamic Disc Lucid Putters have superior durability which can last a lifetime!  This Lucid plastic has sightly less grip than Fuzion, but the amazing durability along with a smooth feel with transparent plastic pulls in many buyers.  It also tends to not be as flexible for plastics; on the stiff side.  

There are flight ratings on the disc which tells you the Speed, Glide, Turn and Fade each individual model.  For Putters the Speed is which puts them into this category.  The range of speed to be categorized starts with 2 such as the Warden and all the way up to a speed of 3 such as the Marshal.  Due note, faster speed does not mean farther distance, especially for an individual with minimal throwing power.  These discs are molded to provide superb accuracy while limiting the distance capability greatly. Remember, lighter discs will provide beginners an easier and provide a rewarding experience. 

The Latitude 64 Putters will have widest rim of all disc types.  The wider rim allows for less potential of flipping a disc or going sky high and plummeting into the ground.  Many people suggest beginners to use a Putter for there driving, mid-range and putting to learn and grow into the sport of Disc Golf.  Find your Latitude 64 Putter that suits you best!