Fanatic Backpack


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Discmania Fanatic Backpack

This Disc Golf Backpack is excellent for any beginner, Intermediate and even a competitive player.  Rain or shine, you have the ability to hit the Course as this sturdy backpack is water resistant. 

The main pockets can hold anywhere from 16-20 discs depending on what types you are placing in the bag. There is a small pouch on the top which can snugly fit 3 putters or comfortably 2.  On both sides of the bag you will find a zippered pocket so you can place your keys, phone, wallet and any other accessories you may bring with you.  It also has 2 pockets for water bottles; one on each side.

There is a firm backside to the backpack allowing for a bag that doesn't slouch giving an ergonomic use.  This bag is made in two different colors, Black and Gray.


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Fanatic Backpack

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