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Innova TL Disc

TL is a Fairway Driver who's name consists of it's brother TeeBird.  T stands for Teebird & L stands for Less Overstable.  I'ts great for anyone looking for their first Disc Golf driver playing ever.  It's ability to throw touch shots and flies excellent every throw makes it's loved my everyone.  The TL will remind you of a mid-range disc that flies much farther....distance you would think of as a Fairway Driver!  An excellent addition to any skill level to add another overstable disc in their bag.

Best Choice for: Turnover shots, First driver, Touch shots

Speed 7  |  Glide 5  |  Turn 0  |  Fade 1 

Date of Approval: 03/08/07

Hannah Leatherman

I have a carry both a new and beat up Champion TL. The new TL I use in windy conditions and to throw flat or slight anhyzer, for a nice S turning shot. The beat TL I throw for long hyzer shots and flick shots. I use it all the time.

Gregg Hosfeld

Bar none, the greatest disc golf driver I've ever owned. Indestructo plastic, a wonderfully versatile neutral flight that satisfies my need for a fairway driver or a sidearm control shot. The CE TL consistently finds the putting circle. Simply put... THE TL NEVER LETS ME DOWN!


  • Diameter: 21.2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.1 cm
  • Height: 1.6 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.6 cm

Plastics Available


  • Ultra-durable
  • Wears slowly retaining flight characteristics
  • Suitable for more powerful throwers
  • Weight: 165-175g


  • Provides predictable performance
  • Long-lasting durability even on wooded or rugged courses
  • Good all-weather grip
  • Ideal for those who like the durability of Champion plastic with the superior grip of Pro plastic
  • Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics
  • Weight: 160-175g
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