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Hex Eclipse Team Series (Leapin' Lizottl')
Hex Eclipse Team Series (Leapin' Lizottl')
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Hex Eclipse Team Series (Leapin' Lizottl')


The Magic Disc

The Hex midrange driver is a straight-stable disc that everyone can utilize. Disc golfers with power throws will see slight under stability from a flat release, but the Hex won’t flip over because of its fade. Throws with less power behind them will see excellent control over line shapes, making the Hex disc the perfect choice for weaving in between obstacles. Available in Axiom’s most popular plastic and a wide range of colors, you’re sure to love the Hex.

Diameter: 21.4 cm | Height 1.6 cm | Rim Depth: 1.3 cm | Rim Width: 1.4 cm |Max Weight: 172171.00 g
Speed: 5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 1 | PDGA Approved

Due to the Hex’s size and minimal dome, it is only used as a midrange driver. The Axiom Hex is suitable for all skill levels and is sure to become the disc you consistently reach for. The mesmerizingly straight flight pattern with a minimal fade at the end. The hex exhibits a straightforward initial phase of flight that barely pulls inwards for the middle portion of the flight. Depending on the power behind the throw, the fade will either cut out decently sharp or softly fade forward at spindown. If you need to execute an accurate throw where holding the line is crucial, grab the Axiom Hex. The disc does exactly what you tell it to do while remaining true to its flight pattern. Beginners will love this disc because there is not a lot of skip or ground play that comes with it.

The closest comparison for the Axiom Hex is the Buzzz disc. The Hex is shallower and typically more comfortable in hand than the Buzzz. During the flight, the Hex exhibits more stability and slightly more glide, providing a little extra distance over the Buzzz. The distance could be due to the easier grip or the glide, but either way, it’s an excellent perk. The Buzzz tends to flip more than the Hex, but as a midrange driver flip is not a crucial requirement. As the Hex becomes worn in, it becomes more workable and can easily be manipulated for hyzer flips or turnovers. The Axiom Hex is not a disc to throw in a headwind, but a slight tailwind or calm days will allow the disc to work its magic.

The Axiom Hex midrange driver is comprised of a double mold, premium plastic that, like all Axiom discs, features a beadless edge. The Hex is only available in one kind of plastic, the Neutron. Neutron plastic is Axiom’s most popular plastic because it provides a quality aesthetic and texture while remaining extremely durable. Neutron plastics are available in a wide range of high-contrast colors that are dense and opaque.

No matter what skill level you are at, everyone will love the magic of the Axiom Hex disc. The Hex is your next go-to for any midrange shot with a spellbindingly straight flight pattern and excellent grip texture. The Neutron plastic makes the Hex reliable and sturdy, while its decreased dome increases comfortability. The closest comparison for the Axiom Hex is the Discraft Buzzz. Choose the Hex today for a disc that will work its magic on the course, regardless of skill level.