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Playing Disc Golf is fun and exciting, but the best part is you only need a few discs and a basket to play!  Many areas offer free courses to go play with friends.  If you want to annihilate your friends on the Disc Golf course you need to practice; what's easier than having a Disc Golf Target in your backyard!  Hearing the basket with those chains rattling while you sink putts from your patio or porch in the backyard is what dreams are made of.  The best thing about purchasing a Disc Golf basket is you no longer need to drive/walk to your Disc Golf course to practice! 

We have Baskets from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside Discs, MVP, Innova and Discraft.  We realized placing these options was getting people confused and so Disc Golf Shopping has narrowed down baskets from our best sellers and Manufacturers we have the best relationships with due to multiple reasons.  The main one here is the quality of product being provided to the consumers, which hopefully is you reading this!

That being said we want to show our Top 5 Disc Golf Baskets you should purchase and why.  

Top 5 Disc Golf Baskets - Pound for Pound

5.  Black Hole Portal Disc Golf Basket - MVP

The perfect permanent basket for any course is the Black Hole Portal.  First off, this Disc Golf Basket is my absolute favorite and feel it's the best made on the market.  The price however is a little too deep for my pockets.  It has two options: 1. Permanent in-ground sleeve and pole and 2. Portable base and Standard pole.  You really need to choose which you are going to do.  I would strongly recommending using the in-ground sleeve, because if you are using it as a portable basket....it's heavy, yes very good quality, but MVP makes some incredible portable Disc Golf Baskets you will see on this list soon. 

The question I have always been asked and I have asked the manufacturers as well, why the steep price?  I have never gotten a straight answer from anyone, but I do believe it's the process of "Hot-dipped galvanized base, pole/sleeve, and cage".  In any case, if you plan on keeping your basket outside in all-weather conditions, the Portal is one of the few baskets on the market able to withstand nature.

Price: $424.95

4.  Recruit Disc Golf Basket - Dynamic Discs

A non MVP Disc Golf Basket I have on the Top 5 Disc Golf Baskets list, The Dynamic Discs Recruit.  A slightly steep price for a Disc Target not allowed to be out in the elements for a prolonged time, but the quality is there.  It's not light, weighing in just under 60 pounds.  They make it easy by breaking the basket down into 3 parts so it's "easily" carriable.  

The 100% best difference the Recruit has compared to any other Disc Golf Basket is the built-in wheel on the base.  This allows for easy movement of the basket on the course or your backyard.  Picking up and moving a 60 pound basket from one spot to another is a hassle and this solves it.  

It's main rod is covered by 13 inner and 13 outer zinc coated chain setup which provides just the right amount of comfort for your disc to nest into!

Price: $199.99

3.  Black Hole Precision Disc Golf Basket - MVP

Practice makes perfect right?  Well most push themselves to become better and the Precision Disc Golf Basket does just this.  It's not anywhere near an ordinary Target as it's narrow allowing for a competitive Disc Golfer the ability to hone in on Precision putts.  

Dynamic Discs has a Disc Golf Basket just like this one named Marksman.  The difference is 3 additional chains, as it has 15 while the Precision only has 12.  Other than this, I see no difference in the two baskets except for $55.00.  When I practice with both baskets, I have no issues with only having 12 chains, but I can easily see people debate this topic.  Obviously more is better, but if your buying this Disc Golf Basket, it's purely for practice.  Any spitouts (which I havent seen it do) you will know they would have truly been made in a normal Target. 

Price: $114.95

2.  Black Hole Micro Disc Golf Basket (Novelty) - MVP

Wait, is The Micro Disc Golf Basket really a basket?  Answer: Yes, it's just very tiny, so tiny it fits perfect on you office desk!  Where do I start on this...The best #GrowTheSport item you can buy if your trying to help get the necessary exposure for Disc Golf.  I can't tell you the amount of people who come in my office and the first thing they ask is, what's that on your desk.

Why did I choose this one since there are so many made from other manufacturers?  The answer: Check out the price!   With this being an actual basket, opposed to plastic, i'm shocked on how low they were able to drop the price.  It dropped in early 2018 allowing Disc Golf Shopping to to drop our price as well.  Let me tell you the profit margins are not large, nor is this Disc Golf Basket.

Perfect size for bottle caps and quarters to fling at to pass the time or maybe you believe it's helping you practice your putts!  I wouldn't go that far, but for me thinking i'm potentially gaining exposure to Disc Golf and adding excitement to someone elses life helps me feel better inside.

Price: $24.95

1.  Black Hole Pro Disc Golf Basket - MVP

Ah we made it, the #1 Disc Golf Basket - Pound for Pound, the MVP Black Hole Pro Disc Golf Basket.  Made at the same durable structure as the Recruit without a wheel.  Wait, that's a negative no?  Well a $60 dollar drop in price dramatically helps! 

This Portable Disc Golf Basket is structured with 12 inner and 12 outer chains which provides an excellent structure for the basket.  It can be put up and down in under 2 minutes.  (I timed myself and did it in 34 seconds, but I was rushing)  The Black Hole Pro uses a standard wire basket frame and base, but for a $35 dollar increase your able to buy the Pro HD that uses 8MM instead.  It also has a 3-tiered system opposed to the 2-tiered 24 chain.  The HD uses 30 chains. 

MVP announced on 7/23/18 they now sell a Transit bag for the Black Hole Pro!  I wished they made something like this earlier as it makes moving the basket so easy it's silly.  If you buy the bag with the basket, it's a $35 dollar addition, but if you buy it in separate transactions,it costs $50. (UPS wants their money)  I can say, it's 100% a great deal and a quality made product to enhance your enjoyment of the MVP Black Hole Pro Disc Golf Basket.  

Price: $139.95

Nit picking baskets or befuddling companies is never my intention, but nearly doing side-by-side comparisons.  We are no way affiliated with any manufacturer, but I do wholesale and re-sell products for them.  We are truly trying to give are unbiased opinions of the Disc Golf Baskets and products on the market.