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Buying golf discs online can be challenging due to Inconsistencies from manufacturers. We strive to be the best online disc golf store by providing pictures of every disc. Our ever growing stock has surpassed 10,000 discs and want be become the largest online disc golf store in the US.

We have the third largest selection of golf discs from the major manufacturers, in every type of plastic. We are an online disc golf retailer and our website strives to be the lowest price who supplies pictures of every disc.

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Disc Golf Shopping learned a vaulable lesson understanding discs REQUIRE a box due to the potential chance of damage. Most disc golf discs are anywhere from 8' to 8.8' in diameter. We utilize boxes with the dimension of 9x9 and the height ranging from 1 to 18. We also bag each disc with plastic so no scraping damage will occur on the foil.

We pride ourselves with these packing techniques and find the additional cost is well worth a customer getting their product un-damaged. We occasionally still use a #4 and #1 bubble mailer for random items or mini discs, but if we find the possibility of accidental damage or warping, we will box them!

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What is DISC GOLF?

Disc Golf is the next generation. We have 9 or 18 holes on courses just like ball golf and the rules, etiquite, technique it's all the same. Disc Golf is bio mechanically the same as any other sport. They have to fire at the same point and use them together.

Instead of hitting the ball off the teepad, we use or legs and were the lever throwing the disc. Disc Golf uses a suspended catching device named a Disc Golf Basket. It's metal, about waist high and catches the disc. There is a par 3, 4 and 5, but the difference is you have to think about Disc Golf in feet. Par 3 is under 200 ft.

Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. The one that might not be obvious, but people just don't think about is MMA being #1. An outdoor sport that's almost always free to play and very inexpensive compared to ball golf it's taking over as one of the go-to sports for ages ranging from 14-60.

With the increase in popularity for Disc Golf we have seen many suppliers of disc golf discs. They all have different ratings giving customers ideas of how the discs fly. Most brands use 4 main criteria when trying to understand which disc to utilize. Speed - (Does not mean farther)Glide - (Flying thru the air)Turn - (While disc is going fast)Fade - (When disc slows down)

Speed is the rate at which a disc can travel through the air. Speed 14 Drivers are the fastest, having the PDGA maximum legal wing width. Faster discs cut into the wind with less effort and are best when throwing up wind. Slower discs take more power to throw upwind, but they’re easier to throw more accurately and may actually go farther downwind. High speed discs are not recommended for beginners as they require more power to fly properly.

Glide describes the discs ability to maintain loft during flight. Discs with more glide are best for new players, and for producing maximum distance. Beginners wanting farther drives should choose discs with more glide. Discs with less glide are more accurate in high wind situations.

Turn (High Speed) is the tendency of a disc to turn over or bank to the right (for RHBH throws) during the initial part of the flight. A disc with a +1 rating is most resistant to turning over, while a -5 rating will turn the most. Discs rated -3 to -5 make good roller discs. Discs with less turn are more accurate in the wind. Discs with more turn are easier to throw for beginners.

Fade (Low Speed) is the discs tendency to hook left (for RHBH throws) at the end of the flight. Fade is rated from 0 to 5. A disc rated 0 will finish straightest, while a disc rated 5 will hook hard at the end of the flight. High fade discs are usually used for Spike and Skip shots.

We strongly recommend starting with a Putt & Approach, Mid-Range & Fairway Driver discs to start off playing Disc Golf. The popular brands currently are Innova, Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs, Latitude 64, Discraft & MVP. You can check our page Disc Types to understand in greater detail how these for disc categories react in the field. Ensure you are throwing to your highest potential by educating yourself in great detail before randomly purchasing a "high speed disc."



Distance Drivers are the most popular selling disc type, probably because everyone loves going fast! Distance Drivers have a sharp airfoil allowing it to cut through wind with ease and have the largest potential distance going upwards of 400+ feet! The downside is they are unforgiving. If thrown at bad angles or with an improper amount of speed they will taper off or soar high in the air and might crash down at your feet. These disc types are commonly used by professionals and even intermediate players, but Distance Drivers are not recommended for beginners. They will most likely become frustrated not having achieved the proper form for this type of disc. The current world record is with an Innova Blizzard Boss thrown by David Wiggins Jr. marking 1104 feet!


Another common name for these disc types is Control Drivers. Some of the manufacturers throw their original distance drivers into this category to add additional new discs with improved technology allowing for higher speeds and distance. There are new disc designs however that are made and placed in these categories since the driving factor is still the airfoil of the disc in question. Fairway Drivers have a sharp edge, but when compared to Distance Drivers, they have a "wider" look to them. This gives the disc more stability for an easier throwing experience and why beginners are highly recommended for these disc types. Due to the stability aspect, it also gives Fairway Drivers a straighter flight pattern.


Many professional Disc Golf players utilize these disc types to shoot off the tee. Did I just confuse you? With many holes being under 500 feet, professionals have the ability to throw Mid-Range discs extremely far. Sadly, many of us are not the Michael Jordan or Nate Sexton of Disc Golf and require a faster disc to accomplish 500 feet. This disc type has a "wider" edge and are not aero-dynamic. This prevents them from cutting through the wind easily as compared to Distance Drivers or Fairway Drivers. The wider edge however gives them extra stability and offers a very friendly straight throwing experience. An average Disc Golfer can utilize a Mid-Range and throw 200-300 feet of straight flight. Disc manufacturers mold these discs to offer excellent accuracy and control giving them a great gliding experience as well.


You are on the green, you pull your putter out of your bag, line the shot up and all you hear is chains or DOINK. Either you sank the putt giving yourself a birdie or nailed the top header on the basket. At this point you slowly walk up and drop your disc in. Hopefully utilizing a Putt & Approach disc the chains are what you hear! This disc type is used for the short game as it's got a very wide rim allowing more maximum stability and very straight flight with exception of some discs intentionally adding fade or turn. For many people this type of disc reminds them of a beach Frisbee, but smaller in diameter. Pretty self explanatory; it's utilized to putt at short ranges, but what....it says Approach no? Again, professionals with extreme power occasionally throw upwards of 300 feet with approach discs, but the average Disc Golfer will throw 100-150 feet. It's used for very short distances when you feel the Mid-Range will soar on you too far.

First Run Discs

What is a First Run Disc? A First Run disc are new molds or even new plastics being released with a special stamp or a stamp showing First Run. Innova has a Star stamp that has become iconic to knowing it’s either a prototype or first run of the specified disc, but hard to identify what disc it is.

Everyone always wants to be first when it comes to anything; it’s human nature. The Disc Golf companies has obviously noticed consumers love these discs. They have gone to lengths of making them and providing their team members them to advertise and build the hype.

Occasionally the hype becomes very large and the market gets flooded with discs, such as the Paul McBeth First runs. Other times like the 10 year Buzzz’s the real hype didn’t start until after they stopped producing them which inflated prices. It’s an easy supply vs demand: When companies launch the disc, they wait for the Disc Golf Stores like ourselves, Disc Golf Shopping to place their orders. Once they have a rough idea on how many to produce, but if Disc Golf Stores don’t believe the hype around the disc and don’t purchase enough then the supply is low and demand is high; prices sky rocket.

One thing is 100% certain, there will always be a limited supply of First Run’s opposed to normal stock stamped discs since orders can flow through consistently throughout the years for the demand of the disc. First Run’s don’t have that luxury, you only have one shot at getting it, right when they are launched!