You may be trying to save some money by buying Disc Golf Sets or you're allowing the manufactuers and our company choose the best discs for a beginner player. Any player will realize no Disc Golf Set can be the best for everyone. We all have different styles of gameplay and arm strength. These Disc Golf Sets are here to provide a guideline of the average player and provide the best opportunity for success weather it's for the first time or multiple.

Disc Golf

What is Disc Golf? - Disc Golf also known as frisbee golf or frolf is played much like traditional golf, but instead of clubs and balls players throw flying discs or frisbees.

The object of the game is to complete each hole with the fewest number of throws. The first shot is from a teebox usually made out of concerete or sometimes gravel. Teeboxes are typically marked with signs showing the distance and location of the basket. They will also show the par for that hole. Most courses have 9 to 18 holes and sometime even 27. Blue Ribbons Pines is one of the only pay to play in Minnesota. A $5 green fee gives you an all day pass to this beautiful course in Bethel, MN.

Disc Types

Discs range from about 150 grams to 180 grams. There are many discs to choose from depending on the shot you need to make. The Distance Driver is used for long shots usually thrown from the teepad. They have a sharper edge with a wide rim making them extremely fast. Professional disc golfers can throw a Distance Driver over 500 ft.

There are Fairway Drivers, also known as control drivers that are used when on the fairway. These discs go an average of 200-300 ft and lots of Disc Golfers favor them since they are a lot more beginner friendly than a Distance Driver. The Mid-Range disc has a more rounded edge and shorter rim. It is used for shots around 60 to 200 ft.

Lastly, the Putter has a very blunt edge and usually is made with a softer plastic so it can stick in the chains better. Putts are usually shot from inside 30-40 ft. The objective is to make the disc come to rest inside the basket or chains. Disc Golf Baskets are about 3 ft high and have chains running down into the basket stopping the disc. Disc Golf holes vary from 200 ft to 600 ft. Scorecard will tell you each holes par distance and inform you of any out of bounds.

Playing Disc Golf

An average hole is a par 3, but there are some par 4 and even some par 5's. The backhand is the most used kind of throw in Disc Golf, but there are many other ways to throw including forehand and tomahawk. After your first drive from the teebox, your next shots are played from in-front of where your disc came to rest. Many players will flip there disc, but professionals will put down what is known as a marker disc or a mini disc to throw from.

Once a hole is completed scores are taken and it's off to the next hole. Disc Golfers carry anywhere from one to two discs, a driver and a putter or up to over 20 discs. There's no limit on the number of discs you can carry. Variety of Bags and Backpacks are used to carry discs including single straps, double over the shoulder straps and even Disc Golf Carts.

Disc Golf Facts

Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports mainly because of how inexpensive it is. It's also a sport that can be played by anyone from school age to old age. This makes it one of the greatest lifetime fitness sports available, because Disc Golf is so easy to learn and no one is excluded.

The professional disc golf association currently has 114,722 members and is a governing body for the sport. They sanction competitive events for men and women of all skill levels from novice to professional.

Permanent disc golf courses are found in countries worldwide as well as throughout the United States. If you havent tried Disc Golf I suggest you get outside and put but just to warn you it can be addicting. Get out and throw.