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Pyro Prism Neutron (Dyer's Delight)
Pyro Prism Neutron (Dyer's Delight)
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Pyro Prism Neutron (Dyer's Delight)


The Commanding Disc

The Pyro driver is Axiom’s first overstable midrange disc. The Pyro was designed to have more glide than the MVP Deflector with an impressively stable finish. Easy to count on in a strong wind, the Pyro has the stability required to stay on target while maintaining its flight pattern. The disc’s crazy stability, unique color combinations, and reliability make the Axiom Pyro a must-have for every loadout.

Diameter: 21.5 cm | Height 1.6 cm | Rim Depth: 1.3 cm | Rim Width: 1.6 cm |Max Weight: 180.00 g
Speed: 5 | Glide: 4 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2.5 | PDGA Approved

The Pyro is a midrange driver that is extremely overstable and therefore suitable for all skill levels. With its slightly deeper rim and overstability, the Pyro is a great disc for beginners to learn on. The flight pattern of the Pyro is extremely reliable and the disc won’t budge in a headwind. The high-speed initial phase of flight is extremely straight and that straight line continues through the typical aerodynamic turn and fades that other discs exhibit. The Axiom Pyro will fly super straight until the spin begins to decrease. At spindown, the disc will reliably exhibit a gentle fade outward. The amount of the fade does not drastically change with power, but the distance achieved will vary. Confidently throw the Pyro in any headwind or slightly wooded area for the best course position.

The Axiom Pyro disc is composed of double mold, premium plastics that feature a beadless edge. The range of plastics the Pyro is available in are variations of Prism. The Prism plastic by Axiom is a variable core surrounded by a Proton plastic rim. Overall, Prism plastics offer excellent grip and incredible control while remaining extremely durable. Prism discs are candy-colored and very bright, but translucent. Below is a list of the available cores for the Pyro.

Neutron – Easily the most popular plastic, Neutron provides a quality aesthetic and texture while remaining durable. Neutron plastics are available in a wide variety of high-contrast colors that are dense and opaque.

Plasma – A highly durable blend of advanced polymer. Plasma plastics are a metallic sheen on a semi-gummy, grippy flex polymer. This disc golf plastic is available in “color-shift” tones.

Proton – The most durable plastic designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. Proton plastics offer enhanced visibility for night throwing and low-light conditions. You can expect a long and consistent life from your Proton plastic discs.

Regardless of the core you choose for the Axiom Pyro, the disc is reliable and sturdy. As an overstable midrange driver, the Pyro can be called the midpoint between a Gateway Warrior and a Dynamic Justice. The Axiom Pyro is a high-quality, dependable, and consistent disc with a flight pattern that is perfect for every skill level. We know you will love the addition of the Axiom Pyro midrange driver to your loadout. Grab one today to start making consistent midrange throws, even in a headwind.