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Tantrum Neutron
Tantrum Neutron
Tantrum Neutron
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Tantrum Neutron


The Sweeping Disc

The Tantrum distance driver is a high-speed glider that exhibits sweeping lines and has massive hyzer flip potential. Power throwers will be able to achieve all kinds of amazing shots with this disc. The Tantrum is recommended for disc golfers with intermediate to advanced skill levels as it requires a lot of power behind the throw to achieve its desired flight pattern. With a stable-understable flight and huge glide potential, this disc can go the distance with enough power behind it. The wide rim adds extra grip for a feeling of superior control and weight. Add the Tantrum disc to your loadout today for a versatile driver that delivers an excellent course position.

Diameter: 21.1 cm | Height 1.9 cm | Rim Depth: 1.2 cm | Rim Width: 2.5 cm |Max Weight: 175.00 g
Speed: 14.5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1.5 | Fade: 3 | PDGA Approved

Tantrum is used as a distance driver, but with less stability than other drivers in its class. With its stable-understable flight pattern, the Tantrum disc exhibits sweeping lines and a huge glide. The Axiom Tantrum has decent hyzer flip potential, which permits power throwers to execute many different kinds of shots. In the initial phase of flight, the Tantrum flies forward until it reaches the point of the aerodynamic turn, which carries the disc inwards. As the spin decreases, the Tantrum pulls back out of the inward turn to begin fading forward through spindown. The Axiom Tantrum performs best when provided with plenty of power behind the throw. Expert power throwers will see a significant turn in the middle of the flight pattern with a reliable fade. Average power throwers will see the straight-stable flight pattern, but with a sharp fade. Beginner or intermediate skill level golfers will see a very early fade after an overstable flight. The best way to describe the Tantrum is as a worn-in Teleport, but it can also be compared to a faster Star Wraith.

The Axiom Tantrum is made of a double mold, premium plastic that features a beadless edge. The only plastic that the Tantrum is available in is the Axiom Neutron plastic. This plastic is the most popular in Axiom’s line due to its high-quality aesthetic, superb texture, and extreme durability. Neutron plastics are available in a wide variety of high-contrast colors that are dense and opaque.

The sweeping glide of the Axiom Tantrum is ideal for intermediate to advanced power throwers. This distance driver needs a lot of power behind the throw for it to perform its best, but the result is worth the effort. An expert power thrower will achieve a significant turn with a dependable fade while an average power thrower will achieve a straight-stable flight ending in a sharp fade. Although the disc is recommended for golfers with at least average experience, beginner disc golfers can still use this disc and achieve an overstable flight, but with an early fade and minimal distance. Grab an Axiom Tantrum disc today and start maximizing your distance throws!