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Tenacity Neutron


The Bomber Disc

The Tenacity distance driver is a new bomber disc in the lineup for Axiom. This understable high-speed driver disguises its potential distance with its signature smooth glide. Comparable to a worn-in MVP Catalyst, the Tenacity offers a wicked inward flight pattern that expert disc golfers will love to utilize. If you’re looking for a little extra distance on your throw while maintaining the ability to hyzer flip and weave through obstacles, this is the disc for you.

Diameter: 21.1 cm | Height 1.9 cm | Rim Depth: 1.2 cm | Rim Width: 2.4 cm |Max Weight: 175.00 g
Speed: 13 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -2.5 | Fade: 2 | PDGA Approved

The Axiom Tenacity disc is an understable distance driver that is recommended for disc golfers with intermediate to advanced skill levels. Beginners won’t be able to achieve much distance with this driver and will experience a quick fade. Expert throwers that know how to put enough power behind the disc will experience a significantly reduced fade. Intermediate to advanced golfers will be able to consistently depend on the straight to fade flight line. The Tenacity flies through the initial phase of flight as straight as it is thrown. The disc will then turn inwards for the aerodynamic turn, and slowly back out towards the initial line of throw. With the Tenacity’s under-stability, expert throwers will have to work a little harder to achieve skilled hyzer shots and desired shot height.

In comparison to the Hades and Tern, the Tenacity offers greater distances and superior glide. The Tenacity has also been compared to a worn-in MVP Catalyst, similar to how the Axiom Mayhem is comparable to the Octane. However, it is not recommended to throw the Tenacity into a headwind. The taller dome on the Tenacity provides the extra lift needed for the extended distances, but it also creates diving or flipping issues in any significant headwind. In a tailwind or calm conditions, the Tenacity will race down the course, providing amazing position and maneuverability. The lighter weight options for the Tenacity help keep it in the air during a tailwind, which makes it seem like this disc could float through the entire course. Whenever you need to throw an S-line, a hyzer flip shot, or simply finish the hole with confidence, grab the Axiom Tenacity.

The Tenacity distance driver is composed of a double mold, premium Axiom plastic that features a beadless edge. Only available in the Neutron plastic, the Tenacity offers a quality aesthetic and grippy texture while remaining extremely durable. Neutron plastics are available in a wide variety of high-contrasting colors that are dense and opaque. The sturdiness of the Neutron plastic allows the Tenacity to take a beating on the course while retaining its flight pattern for years to come.

When you choose the Axiom Tenacity, you’re choosing a disc that can be manipulated to serve any shot you want to make. This distance driver requires some skill to master, but the understable flight pattern paired with the extra high dome makes for the ultimate bomber disc.