Disc Golf Mystery Boxes can come in multiple different types.  We have our standard Boxes that include stock stamps, but we like to spice it up and throw some Special Editions in there at times.  Looking for a discount, we have the F2 boxes or a straight Special Edition Box, occasionally we wil have in stock.  Manufacturers occasionally provide us with the ability to sell mystery boxes as well.  MVP Disc Sports recently had 3 available, OOP, Swag and Lab Seconds.  Sadly we have ran out of stock on those.

1. Mis-Print F2 Mystery Box

We randomly get F2 discs from multiple companies, but our inventory varies greatly and only have 1-2 disc companies at a time in stock normally as these discs are a great value and sell-out fast.  In addition, these type of "clearanced discs" rarely become available from manufacturers unless they screw up or they sell themselves instead in packs.

Plastics vary GREATLY, but we will always try to keep 4 premium and 1 base type with a mixture of putter, mid and drivers in each box.  These boxes are all pre-packaged upon receiving and placed immediately on our website with the amount left to ensure we have them in stock when sold.

Packages Available

  • Medium - $49.99 - 5 Total discs

2. Disc Golf Mystery Box

The fun should start right when you run to get the mail and can't wait to open up your box of discs which you have no idea what will be inside.  As previously stated, we will guarantee our Disc Golf Boxes will be cheaper than purchasing items separately.  Disc Golf Shopping has knocked around the idea of these products as it's obvious customers want them, but we have always been worried about the backlash of not liking items inside.  This being said, all boxes are sold as-is with no exchanges.  If you are requesting an exchange, it's not truly a mystery box!

Our boxes that are for sale range from (2) discs to (10) discs.  Can't stress enough, your value will be better than buying separately!  Putters, Mid-Range, Fairway, Distance Drivers....everything is free game to put into these Mystery Boxes.

Packages Available

  • Small - $24.99 - 2 Discs
  • Medium - $59.99 - 5 Discs
  • Large -  $109.99 - 10 Discs

3. Limited/Special Edition Disc Golf Mystery Box

For a limited time, we are once again offering Special Edition Mystery boxes in Medium and Large options.  These will include First Run's, Prototype's, Tour Series and/or Special Edition Discs.  

Packages Available

  • Medium: (5) Discs - $89.99

Check back periodicially as we love to surpise our customers with excellent disc golf items.