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The Discmania P1 Putt & Approach disc is a very straight flying performer with a Turn & Fade of 0. It was the first Putter made in the arsenal for Discmania that was truly a putter opposed to an approach shot disc. The disc really took a back seat to the P2’s glory making the P1 a gem that feels like it has been brushed under the sand.

Speed: 2   |   Glide: 3   |   Turn: 0   |   Fade: 0   |   PDGA Approved

Discmania P1

Why should I buy the P1? The original is normally always the best in anything and why not start from the roots of Discmania’s first putter than the P1. The disc was specifically designed to suit the short-range game when you are inside the circle and wanting a precise accurate throw to sink in your low scores.

The official name for the Discmania P1 is actually P1 Maniac, but the P, D, F, and M naming convention has stuck well with the Disc Golf Community so they don’t necessarily promote or encourage using the full name a lot of times. The Discmania P1 is great for beginner players due to its excellent stability, but as always the intermediate/expert players seem to always find great ways to utilize the disc.

Plastics Available For The Discmania P1

As previously stated already the Discmania P1 is not one of the more popular discs, but serves specific purposes out on the field. They haven’t produced the P1 in large quantities for different plastics as of yet, but here are the current ones in production. (As of 4/17/19)

D Line - $7.99
P Line - $10.99
C Line - $13.99 (Limited Run Currently)
S Line - $14.99

    The C Line plastic was made in a limited quantity and has since sold out nearly everywhere. Usually, this means they would re-stock it, however, due Discmania expanding they are struggling to keep nearly every disc they produce in stock. The Discmania P1 is now considered an “original” as they were one of the first produced. There are two other lines now, Discmania Evolution and Discmania Active.

    Who Bags the Discmania P1

    Well in Discmania’s main team none of there players actually bag the P1, but they do bag it’s brother, the more over-stable disc, P1x. Why is this? Well, professional Disc Golfers have a lot stronger arms just like in baseball for pitching. Professional pitchers can throw up to 100 MPH while amateurs are lucky to get over 60 MPH. The same is true for Disc Golf and unlike baseball, we can change the disc were utilizing.

    Many Disc Golfers need to have a more understable disc but do not use and place the correct discs in their bag, because they don’t see professionals throwing them. The Discmania P1 is perfect for a beginner or a Disc Golfer that can’t throw those 100 MPH fastballs! Also, note this disc is used mainly for putting purposes opposed to up-shots.


    Diameter: 21.2 cm
    Height: 2.0 cm
    Rim Depth 1.5 cm
    Rim Width: 0.9 cm

      The height on the P1 is slightly less than a more popular P2 by 0.1 cm. While it may sound very small it’s actually a substantial difference to the flight characteristics of the disc. It provides a complete straight flight, but for strong-arm throwers the potential of it turning too hard is rough for the disc to perform well.

      There have not been that many special edition plastics or signature discs for the P1, but we don’t see this disc going away anytime soon. For the first putter in the Discmania line-up and a stable for the Originals, people always find away to get it inside there Disc Golf Bag!