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The Discraft APX is an undertable putt and approach disc suited for all player levels.  It's a flexible soft putter with an outstanding grip that allows for consistent releases for every putt.  It has a straight flight path that gives minimal turn and fades at the end of the flight.

Speed: 2   |   Glide: 3   |   Turn: -1   |   Fade: 1   |   PDGA Approved

If you are looking for a slow, flat flier which glides straight, the putter, Discraft APX is what you're after.  Its stability is great to allow for short drives while placing power into the disc.  A member of Team Discraft, Robert Leonard uses the APX to putt with inside the circle.  The beadless traditional profile putter is perfect as a pitch putter.  He prefers the Jawbreaker plastic over the Soft Elite X, but both hold true to the discs potential.


Another player from Team Discraft, Brandie Myers also utilizes the APX for putting as it's quite apparent the professionals use it more for traditional putting rather than driving such as a Luna.  "My main putter is the Jawbreaker APX."  She used to use the Soft Elite-X, but when the Jawbreaker launched, she has changed due to the humidity she plays in the south provides better grip.  Here are the current offerings for the Discraft APX:

Discraft APX Flight Chart

While Discraft APX's in both plastics are relatively close in feel and type, some have strong feelings towards one or the other.  Both will provide a straight perfect flight with this beadless putter.  Providing lofty glide, you can utilize it for up-shots which will follow any line you throw it on.  Another fan-favorite technique used when throwing the APX is a jump putt. 


  • Diameter: 21.0 cm
  • Height: 2.3 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.4 cm
  • Rim Width: 0.9 cm