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Buzzz Full Foil (Swan Shot) LIMITED EDITION
Buzzz Full Foil (Swan Shot) LIMITED EDITION
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Buzzz Full Foil (Swan Shot) LIMITED EDITION


The absolute best and most popular Mid-Range in Disc Golf today is the Discraft Buzzz. It’s an ultra-dependent straight flying disc everyone reaches for again and again from their bag. When you throw the Buzzz hard it will hold any line you want making it very versatile. It’s good to know the flight rating has a stability of .5 except for the Pro-D plastic where the Discraft Buzzz sports a rating of only 0.

Speed: 5   |   Glide: 4   |   Turn: -1   |   Fade: 1   |   PDGA Approved

Why is the Discraft Buzzz so popular? The disc is extremely versatile and does exactly what you want it to. This plus the fact beginner light arm throwers and experienced strong-arm throwers both find success with different throwing techniques. Younger players always try to throw what the professionals are throwing and this disc actually provides them with about the same flight characteristics.

With any successful disc or movie, they make sequels, remakes you name it. This is exactly what Discraft did with the Buzzz. It’s good to note, they have made the Buzzz in an OS & SS (overstable and Super Stable) mold for those very strong arm throwers and very weak, but that’s not where we were going with all that! Discraft has multiple different plastic types in their arsenal which many brands do. Each plastic serves a specific purpose may it be the price point, stiffness, grippness, etc. Here are the plastics the Discraft Buzzz currently has. (We didn’t add the numerous amount of limited edition plastics.)

Discraft Buzzz Plastics Available

    Can you believe we left out tons of plastic types throughout the years the Buzzz was made?! In our Disc Golf Store, we keep adding new stock consistently at Disc Golf Shopping to keep up with the most up-to-date discs available for customers.

    A member of Team Discraft, Brian Earhart finds this disc as a perfect mid-range.  When thrown correctly at a super angle any player can find great control when throwing without worry fo fading or flipping.  He throws it flat, hyzer and any angle it will fly exactly how you want it to, almost like your cheating.  Corey Ellis who is on Team Discraft also says almost the exact same thing.  He uses it on any angle and throws anywhere from 300-400 ft.  Corey recommends everyone no matter there skill level should have one in their bag.

    Discraft Buzzz in Paul McBeth's Bag - Star Wars Disc Golf Release

    Late last December of 2018, Discraft announced a partnership with Disney giving them the ability to use (7) different artworks, all being Star Wars. While we don’t know the specifics, we are hopeful this deal they stuck pans out and doesn’t end up like Dynamic Discs deal did where they had to part ways with Marvel. (Looks like they did)  The price-points are higher on the Star Wars discs compared to a normal SuperColor disc most likely because Discraft is paying some type of royalty or up-front $$$ for the deal to be done.

    Team Discraft has some very well-known members now especially with all the hype of Paul McBeth coming over from Innova as it got a lot of publicity. He obviously has the Discraft Buzzz in his bag! Many wonder why he doesn’t throw the Buzzz OS, but his comment is when he wants a more OS disc he reaches for the Zone or Drone. The Zone is a pretty popular disc for Discraft and has gotten even more popular with his signature disc. The Drone, however, is pretty hard to throw for any beginner and is so overstable it’s truly only for experts. Once again, the beauty of the Buzzz, anyone can throw it well!


    Height: 1.9 cm
    Diameter: 21.7 cm
    Rim Depth: 1.3 cm
    Rim Width: 1.2 cm

      A very comfortable disc with a larger diameter disc-like many Mid Range’s are. It has the same characteristics as many others, but the Discraft Buzzz just seems to find it’s the way in everyone’s bag, not just experts!

      Which Plastic is Right For You

      While each run of the disc will have some type of difference especially with the plastic you choose to throw the Discraft Buzzz in, one thing is for sure, it will fly straight and have minimal fade. When choosing a stiffer plastic such as Z, Biz Z or Glow Z it will seem a little bit more Over Stable than if you were throwing it in Z FLX, Titanium or ESP. 

      The list of people goes on and on if you read reviews on the disc. They will all say almost the same exact thing, “It flies 100-300 ft”; “Every throw it has a straight flight path”; “The Discraft Buzzz is straight MONEY”. While people love there Buzzz it’s pretty overwhelming on the number of different lines of plastic you can choose from so lets breakdown the more popular plastics it’s sold in and why.

      Buzzz ESP has been the go-to buy for the Buzz lately and there are valid reasons for this. It’s not because the price is one of the highest, but in a mid-range, you are not always looking for stiffness. As previously stated, the stiffness in Z, and Biz Z are stiffer and provides extra durability, but is hindered on the ability to provide extra grip. When you are throwing a Mid-Range disc, you want perfect accuracy and it’s much easier to obtain when you have an additional grip on you Discraft Buzzz.


      Don’t get carried away and say, NO on Z, because if we had a comment section, I guarantee we would be blasted for the last paragraph we wrote on Disc Golfers that throw only Z type plastic. If you are an experienced Disc Golf player, you already know the different types of plastic and know the disc type you want to throw for each particular situation on the course. We are merely pointing out the general consensus and our personal beliefs on the situation. Putters and Mid-Range discs have been molded in a grippier plastic more times than not. When you get to your Fairway and Distance Drivers, the plastics tend to go with a stiffer plastic. Even when trying to provide extra grip, many go with a Z FLX instead of an ESP.

      As you can imagine, the amount of Buzzz’s out there are endless and well, you can fill your whole bag with a completely different disc, but the same model. We can only guide our customers to try and have a successful buying experience and can feel confident to strongly recommend any of the Discraft Buzzz discs for purchase in our store!

      Discraft Buzzz Flight Chart