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The Discraft Glide is an understable flying disc suited for all skill levels as a Mid Range.  Discraft actually classifies the disc as a Fairway Driver, however with a speed of 6, it's hard for us to wrap our brains around this idea.  New players will see some excellent distance out of the disc as more of an expert/intermediate player the disc won't be enough for them as it would be a mid-range flyer.  

Speed: 6   |   Glide: 5   |   Turn: -3   |   Fade: 2   |    PDGA Approved

This Mid-Range or Fairway Driver, whichever you want to classify the Glide as will see great glide for the speed this disc has.  It's a very understable, easy throwing disc great for beginners with the massive -3 turn that also provide a fade at end of the flight as well.


Discraft seems to have too many Mid-Range discs, so they just threw it in the lacking, Fairway Driver category of missing discs!  It's not the most popular disc on the market, but if beginners keep at it the possibility of the disc catching might happen with the great understable flight it provides.  Here are the current offerings for the Discraft Glide:

A member of Team Discraft, Robert Leonard finds the disc has so much glide that they properly named the disk.  Robert is from North Carolina where he plays in the woods consistently using the disc as a turnover shot when needed based on speed and angle.  Pixie Cannon, another player of Team Discraft uses it to get out of trouble when it's becoming a scramble.  The controllable understable shots are not what other discs have and the ability to manipulate it is invaluable.  Pixie uses sidearm upshots as the favorite shot for Disc Golf saving strokes.

Here is what Discraft has to say about the disc:

Great for beginners and pros too, the Glide™ is easy to throw... and just keeps going! Grab a Glide™ when you need a little more controlled distance, or a long turnover driver.


  • Diameter: 21.5 cm
  • Height: 2.0 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.3 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.5 cm

Discraft Glide Flight Chart