Discraft Nuke OS

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The Discraft Nuke OS is a Distance Driver for the super-strong arm throwers looking for massive distance off the tee.  The disc is hard to handle, but once you conquer this monster with 13 speed and a turn of 4 you will be sure to obtain significant distance on every throw.  Due to the understability it will be one of the most predictable flying discs on the market.

Speed: 13   |   Glide: 4   |   Fade: 0   |   Turn: 4   |   PDGA Approved

The original disc has caught the eye of all amateur players, but now the Discraft Nuke OS has caught the eye of the expert and professionals with those strong arms. A straight flying disc with a massively predictable fade at the end of the flight is what everyone dreams of.  A predictable disc is exactly what people are after as massive distance is only good if you are accurate.  The overstability provides this, but be warned, it's a meat-hook if you don't have the arm strength for it. 


The original Nuke was one of the all-time highest-selling discs in existence and ranked #2 to the Buzzz.  With the brother in his midst, Discraft has opted to currently only mold this massive beast in premium plastics.  This is something most drivers see due to the long-distance and beating they take on the courses.  This disc is no exception as here are the current offerings of the Discraft Nuke OS:

A member of Team Discraft, Phillip-Tyler Belt loves his disk as it's one of the most overstable throwers you will ever find.  He only throws it for forehand shots in the range of 350 ft, but if there is heavy wind it comes out for backhands.  Another member, John Kester gives the OS all the praise for revolutionizing his thumber game.  He is attached for life due to his 400 ft ace shots during the Las Vegas GCC final round.

Here is what Discraft has to say about the disc:

Big D for big arms! Created for expert players and windy conditions, NUKE OS (Over Stable) is a super fast driver that rewards power throwers with insane distance potential. Will finish on a hyzer even in strong winds, and offers the most dependable consistency of any high speed driver on the market.


  • Height: 1.6 cm
  • Diameter: 21.2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.5 cm

WHO BAGS THE Discraft Nuke OS

Well, we come to the phase of asking the question does anyone actually bag the Discraft Nuke OS?  Obviously!  We have been saying it's for an expert's arm for a while now and Team Discraft has not one, not two but currently 3 Disc Golf Professionals who are utilizing this disc in there bag: Austin Hannum, Andrew Presnell, and Tim Barham.  

Many of the players love them sidearms with a little anhyzer as it's very stable and glides perfectly through the air.  They love the straight flying disc with a reliable fade at the end of the flight.  Another reason they use them is putting the disc on a hyzer and watch the disc just meat hook back with the strong fade.  

All this being said, we strongly suggest if you don't have a massive arm to steer clear of this one.  Its ability to provide massive distance is great for advanced players, but many beginners will become very deterred in playing Disc Golf if they reach for the Nuke OS.  Just our opinion, but we would still love to sell you one if you don't believe us!

Discraft Nuke OS Flight Chart