The Discraft Predator is an overstable Fairway Driver that shows a slight dome to the disc. This monster is slightly deceiving considering the speed is at 9, but will be hard for beginners to get massive distance due to the overstability of the disc. It is the perfect disc for a forehand flick and many utilize the Predator for this alone.

Speed: 9   | Glide: 4   | Turn: 0 |  Fade: 4 | PDGA Approved

Discraft Predator


Well the Discraft Predator has been in Discraft’s arsenal for a long time, since 2002 and it just hasn’t taken off as they had wished.  With a great name and a very overstable Fairway Driver it’s a perfect disc to round out for them. The problem is, people like going fast, they like going far and the Predator while it provides so massive distance, there are other discs on the market for people with arm speed will go faster.  So why even bother with the Predator? This fairway driver provides you with excellent distance with a straight flight by 0 turn and a very consistent massive fade. Being so massively overstable for a slower driver has a lot of potential for players with less arm strength to get an anhyzer shot in there game they have been missing.


Unfortunately the plastics available for this disc are very little.  It’s not been given much love, but some random specials where Discraft does a small one time run of a different plastic.  Currently these 3 plastics are the only ones Discraft consistently stocks and has on-hand for consumers to purchase:

  • Elite Z - $13.99
  • Big Z - $13.99
  • Z Fly Dye - $16.99


  • Height: 1.7 cm
  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.1 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.1 cm


We understand, it’s not popular, it’s not super far, it’s an overstable driver with higher speeds out there available, so do any Professional Disc Golfers have the Discraft Predator in there bag when they compete?  Absolutely! Paul McBeth, one of the all time greatest players in the game for 2018 bagged the Predator in Big Z plastic. Discraft is hopeful since this super star has been utilizing this disc it will be resurrected into a larger audience of players to purchase.  In general, any overstable disc professionals will just lean towards having great control and shot selections are perfect for them.

In 2019, Paul has taken it in and out of his bag from time to time, but the in and out and in….it just keeps creeping back into the bag!  He tries new discs and new releases, but the original 2002 Predator just can’t get out of his grip bag!