The Discraft Thrasher is a high speed Distance Driver for those individuals without a gigantic arm. The rim width is 2.1 making it easier to throw, but with strong arms the disc might not be enough for them. It’s very easy to find the max distance from the Thrasher without tearing your arm apart. Can’t stress enough if your dying to buy a Distance Driver as a beginner, this is the disc for you.

Speed: 12   | Glide: 5   | Turn: -3 |   Fade: 2 | PDGA Approved

Discraft Thrasher


This disc has been pushed into multiple disc golfers hands seeing great results.  It’s not a sexy disc by any means of being very overstable, but the speed is relatively high and with a turn of -3 giving almost any player the potential of getting 100% of the distance out of the disc.  Many times players buy overstable discs and it’s just too much for them and can never see the results there looking for. This disc will provide you with expectations in which you can easily achieve!


It’s hard to describe who the disc is made for if we say “beginner” someone who’s playing the game at a professional level would say i’m no beginner.  So we try to say slow arm speed opposed to fast. For myself, Ken - I can not throw hard at all and consistently am amazed at others ability to throw overstable discs at a gigantic distance.  Valerie Jenkins, a Tour Series Professional has her signature disc as the Thrasher. While she is absolutely not a beginner, she has about the same arm strength as myself. It’s the perfect disc for her to provide the maximum distance her arm can handle.

  • Pro D - $7.99
  • Elite X - $10.99
  • Elite Z - $13.99
  • Big Z - $13.99
  • Z FLX - $13.99
  • ESP - $14.99
  • Titanium - $14.99
  • ESP 2019 Tour Series - $18.99


  • Height: 1.7 cm
  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.1 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.1 cm


Well as we previously stated, Valerie Jenkins is most definitely the Tour Series Professional throwing this disc.  In contrast, you would never see Paul McBeth a seasoned pro using this disc to get massive distance. The Thrasher is for those that don’t have these gigantic arms.  Many won’t want to admit it, but they cannot handle over 50% of the overstable distance drivers out on the market today.

The Thrasher is the perfect overstable disc out there for kids if they utilize it in lower weights and women or those men who just don’t cut it being able to throw 400+ feet.  You will be very happy with your purchase if your looking to increase your distance and the current throws are just meat hooking into the ground fast to the left. (or right if your left handed)