It’s been talked about on forums, tournaments everywhere you can think of; when is the Discraft Kong going to be released? Well, the day has finally arrived, March 22nd, 2019! Just as everyone expected, the disc we all think about is the Destroyer. It’s got the same feel, and almost the exact same dimensions, but Paul McBeth gave a slight change to the disc and has been sporting the test flight disc in his gameplay for about a month before the release.

The Discraft Zeus is the 2nd released disc for Paul McBeth's very own lineup, the first being his putter, Luna. The putter was a huge hit and this disc will be surely a huge success as well. This distance driver is molded for the intermediate to expert Disc Golf throwers. Strong bombing flights are exactly what you will expect to see when giving the Zeus a throw towards the basket.

We did comparisons of the Destroyer and Discraft Zeus looking at the differences.  It test flew just about the same as the Innova version. One thing was for sure, the Zeus had a little more dome to it so we believe it will provide a wider range of Disc Golf players since it will be easier to get max distance out of the disc.  

Every single one of these beauties is different from one another.  The beauty of the ESP plastic, you will always be sure there is no true identical disc out there.  You may find one to be very close, but never the same as yours!  They have now incorporated Big Z into the mix of plastics available.

Paul, just like Zeus shows no mercy as he's been on top of the leaderboards all of 2019 with his new Discraft Team.  The new discs he's been presenting might be the reason he's performing so well.  He has had an extreme amount of say in crafting his lineup of discs and helping Discraft mold the best possible disc for him and in turn, has been helping the Disc Golf Community.  

The Discraft Zeus is the 2nd disc in his lineup as the first disc was the Discraft Luna. We have been blessed with a 3rd disc, the Discraft Anax, a Fairway Driver.  

Speed: 12   |   Glide: 5   |    Turn: -1   |   Fade: 3   |   PDGA APPROVED


    • Diameter: 21.1 cm
    • Height: 1.6 cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
    • Rim Width: 2.3 cm

    The Hype around Paul McBeth and his new Discraft Zeus have truly solidified the brand he wants in Disc Golf.  He is the first of his kind to make discs with a company not just as signature discs, but as his own.  It's been a raving success and people are flocking to them like Bees on Honey.  There hasn't been any buzzz around the 3rd disc in his lineup, but we're hoping for a Mid-Range to be the next in his lineup!  Time will tell and we can all hope Paul McBeth keeps shooting a -18!

    Paul has made his way to the Discraft factory multiple times in Wixom, Michigan where he saw the discs being made.  They brought him back to where the actual molds were stored and discs were on the wall.  One written with a sharpie pen was written on with "Kong" in the dust.  It was there first to try on there take on a high-speed driver.  Paul stated, "It just clicked in my head where it's kind of like one man's trash is another man's treasure."  He felt it needed to come out of the darkroom.

    The Kong was great for shaping shots and everyone found it easy to throw for a massive distance even with the high overstability the disc has.  No matter who throws it, it will perform.  The popularity of the Kong nobody has a question about, but the name just didn't feel right.  The rename of Zeus just feels right.  

    Many questions if the disc was renamed due to Copywrite issues with the popular dog toy, but we will never know as Discraft seems to be quiet about that subject so we can only speculate.