Latitude 64 Stiletto

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Latitude 64 Stiletto

A Fade of 6?  Calling all power throwers!  The Stiletto is here for you.  This is an overstable Distance Driver that hasn't been tested in any hurricane winds just yet, but it holds up to strong headwinds.  Any day you go to the Disc Golf course and it's windy, be sure this disc in your bag.  With a turn rating of +1 and fade of 6, you have found your dog-tail disc!  A basket brushed behind thick woods, but clear in front?  Let loose the Stiletto to find the back of anything you can't see with this 6 fade disc! 

Speed: 13   |   Glide: 2   |   Turn: 1   |   Fade: 6    |    PDGA Approved

Well this is one massive overstable disc in the arsenal for disc golfers.  It was designed specifcally in mind for professional golfers with massive arm speeds providing excellent speed and distance right off the tee.  It was approved for PDGA use on 5/30/2013 and has been in production with the two main plastic types since the beggining.

Latitude 64 Opto Stiletto

Opto Plastic

  • Translucent Colors
  • Very Durable
  • Excellent for windy conditions
  • Stiffer type feel
  • Suitable for power throwers
Latitude 64 Gold Burst Stiletto

Gold Burst Plastic

  • Bursts of Color
  • Premium Plastic Type
  • Mix of Opto & other polymers
  • Increased grip with very slight loss of durability
  • Excellent for Tournament Play
Latitude 64 Stiletto Flight Chart


  • Diameter: 21.3 cm
  • Maximum weight: 176.8 gram
  • Height: 1.7 cm
  • Rim depth: 1.1 cm
  • Inside rim diameter: 16.4 cm
  • Rim thickness: 2.4 cm
  • Rim depth/ Diameter ratio: 5.2 %
  • Rim configuration ratio: 26.75
  • Flexibility rating: 9.98