Ledgestone Discs

One of the largest events of the year in the world and it's been a go-to destination for many to attend.  This year there are a total of (17) Limited Edition Ledgestone discs & (14) Special Edition Ledgestone Discs being available to sponsor and promote the event.  Almost all are Discraft discs with 2 being DGA.  These discs will be open to the public to purchase in 3 seperate waves and the day of the event there may be some more suprises to come!

One of the exciting things about tournaments is the ability to have Limited Edition/Special Edition discs made which are not produced normally. 

Wave 3

  1. ESP Swirly Glo Force
  2. Cryztal Sparkle Raptor
  3. CT Zone
  4. Tour Series Swirly ESP Nuke 
  5. Colorshift Banger GT
  6. Colorshift Comet
  7. Ti Swirly Focus
  8. Tour Series Swirly ESP Crush
  9. Tour Series Swirly ESP Mantis

Wave 2

  1. Cryztal Sparkle Buzzz
  2. Cryztal Sparkle Undertaker (Paul McBeth 2X Ledgestone Champion disc)
  3. Big Z Buzzz SS
  4. Full Foil Super Color Raptor
  5. Tour Series Swirly ESP Wasp
  6. Rubber Blend Zone
  7. Swirly ESP APX
  8. Big Z XL
  9. Swirly ESP Ringer

Wave 1

  1. CryZtal Z FLX Sparkle Zone
  2. Ti Swirly Banger GT 
  3. Big Z Wasp
  4. Big Z Force
  5. Z Glow Sparkle Raptor
  6. Tour Series ESP Swirly Meteor
  7. Ti Swirly Stalker 
  8. ESP Swirly Predator
  9. Tour Series ESP Swirly Tracker
  10. Michael Barnard Full Foil SuperColor Buzzz Grateful
  11. Michael Barnard Full Foil SuperColor Buzzz Lord of the Buzzz

Nate Heinold has been the tournament director for some time and is the TD for a  Ledgestone which has started in 2011.  He's from Washington, IL and this year in 2020 will be hosing yet another event.  Team Ledgestone consists of: Chris Heeren, Dana Vicich, Justin Jernigan, Steve Boylan and Taylor Cimala.  

His day job 9-5 is an owner of for an insuance company, Ledgestone and thought what a great marketing idea to run a tournament.  With a small budget he realized this was going to be a task that was able to be completed after going to some tournaments over the summer.  The first one was a non-sanctioned event to test the waters.  It provided 105 people with an enjoyable 10-day Disc Golf experience.  The success had Nate have the realization this was going to be successful and went all-in in 2012 running a series of disc golf tournaments.

Running a few events still in 2011 to raise money for the large series in 2012 was becoming successful and was able to provide a large Tier A event with all divisions winning prizes in the 2012 Ledgestone Insurance Open.  Not only did Nate run these tournaments, work on his company, but also enjoyed helping out in Charlotte for the World Championship to assisst in 12 events.

After being exausted, the following 6 months he went back into his own business instead of pursuing the Disc Golf tournaments but was reinvigorated for 2013's A Tier event.  In the following years while Disc Golf grows as a sport, the area of Peoria flourished as well with Nate being one of the main reasons why.  In 2015, the massive 6-figure Pro Purse went down in the history book and has solidified the Ledgestone Insurance Open as a must for any compeititve disc golfer to attend.

History of winners:

Ledgestone 2020

Time will tell who the winner will be and the substantial Pro Purse.  The current projected payout is once again over $100,000!

Ledgestone 2019

  • MPO Winner: Paul McBeth
  • FPO Winner: Paige Pierce
  • Pro Purse $77,044
  • Tournament Dates: June 21st - 23rd
  • Total Players: 920

Ledgestone 2018

  • MPO Winner: Nate Sexton
  • FPO Winner: Jessica Weese
  • Pro Purse $102,068
  • Tournament Dates: August 9th - 12th
  • Total Players: 968

Ledgestone 2017

  • MPO Winner: Josh Anthon
  • FPO Winner: Valarie Jenkins
  • Pro Purse $91,588
  • Tournament Dates: August 3rd - 6th
  • Total Players: 914

Ledgestone 2016

  • MPO Winner: Paul McBeth
  • FPO Winner: Catrina Allen
  • Pro Purse $95,400
  • Tournament Dates: August 18th - 21st
  • Total Players: 898

Ledgestone 2015

  • MPO Winner: Simon Lizotte
  • FPO Winner: Catrina Allen
  • Pro Purse $117,453
  • Tournament Dates: August 21st - 23rd
  • Total Players: 694

Ledgestone 2014

  • MPO Winner: Nikko Locastro
  • FPO Winner: Catrina Allen
  • Pro Purse $18,965
  • Tournament Dates: September 12th - 14th
  • Total Players: 222

Ledgestone 2013

  • MPO Winner: Devan Owens
  • FPO Winner: Catrina Allen
  • Pro Purse $14,820
  • Tournament Dates: September 6th - 7th
  • Total Players: 142

Ledgestone 2012

  • MPO Winner: Nikko Locastro
  • FPO Winner: Sarah Hokom
  • Pro Purse $15,123
  • Tournament Dates: Septermber 14 - 15
  • Total Players: 191

Ledgestone 2011

  • Winner: Al Hermosillo
  • Pro Purse $2,445
  • Tournament Dates: August 20th
  • Total Players: 105