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Buzzz Supercolor (Death Star Scene)
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Buzzz Supercolor (Death Star Scene)
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Buzzz Supercolor (Death Star Scene)

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Buzzz Full Foil (Death Star Scene)
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Buzzz Full Foil (Death Star Scene)
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Buzzz Full Foil (Death Star Scene)

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Star Wars SuperColor and Full Foil

Well well well....more exicitng news!  Heat, Zone and Nuke will now be apart of Star Wars Discs for ESP, Elite Z, Elite Z Glow and Jawbreaker!  Being released in the beginning of January they have been selling out very fast.  People are trying to build a whole bag of just Star Wars and Discraft is having trouble keeping up with demand.  The hot stamps being used are the X-Wing, Boba Fett, Darth Vader Circle, Yoda Circle and Death Star.  Those 5 have been highly sought after for the great designs.  Look for even more additions in the future!


Discraft has brought on an artist, Michael Barnard.  He has drawn 4 unique Full Foil & Supercolor designs for everyone's pleasure.  The four new discs are Millennium Falcon Battle, Light Side Collage, Death Star Scene, and Dark Side Collage.  This whole series of discs are only being produced in Discraft's most popular disc model, their mid-range Buzzz.

Discraft has made Star Wars Disc Golf possible!  Star Wars Millennium Falcon Battle is one of the four new designs introduced into Discraft's family of ever-growing artwork.  These specifically have been art worked by a man named Michael Barnard.

Star Wars Disc Golf Discs will be sure to amaze you! Collect all 7 different designs to show-off with your friends in the SuperColor and Full Foil plastics. The Challenger is produced in D-Line using Discraft's Hot Stamp and Z-Line in Buzz and Force. The Hot Stamp technology doesn’t bring a full picturesque image, but still provides you with Star Wars pleasure!

Discraft has (7) different artwork designs for Star Wars in the SuperColor, Prism Full Foil and Sparkle Full Foil. I cannot stress enough how much pictures don't do justice to these wonderful Star Wars Designs and if you have seen Full Foil or SuperColor in person, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. I think it's that time to rank from #7 to #1 in my book!


There might be some awesome costumes out there for Storm Troopers, but these are not too iconic. Finn might be the only reason they are on the map as they remind me of pawns in Chess. The Design of the disc is exquisite, a picture of the helmet for any Star Wars fan is fantastic.

Storm Trooper plastic preference: SuperColor


I'm actually shocked this was even a design to place onto the discs, but they nailed it. It got placed above the Storm Trooper due to the superb detail in the design and makes the disc come to life. It, however, is a sign of the dark side so it was impossible for me to place it higher on my list!

If I were to re-tool the artwork, I would have removed "The" from the name as it shows "The Death Star". There are (6) Tie Fighters, (3) on each side of the Death Star photo looking closely you can identify.

Death Star plastic preference: Prism Full Foil


I wanted to place this one #4 however my colleagues and even myself had to surrender and place it #5 due to peer pressure and something that pressures me even more, sales!

A very colorful design that pops allowing for a great design. (The reason for our plastic preference) Its simplicity works well as Star Wars will be ever engraved in American's hearts.

Star Wars plastic preference: SuperColor


Han Solo drives the popular Millennium Falcon, but somehow he didn't get artwork, but the ship did! They once again they nailed the artwork as its superb background with the focal point being the ship.

100% no doubt in my mind the Sparkle Full Foil is a must for this Star Wars disc as the sparling nature reminds me of stars in the galaxy. Its suits the background perfectly and gives an additional layer to the artwork.

Millennium Falcon plastic preference: Sparkle Full Foil


Well, I’m going to confess, I actually don't like this disc design, but everyone obviously loves Chewbacca! I can see them having issues as a brown head wouldn't look too good, but either I have bad taste or people are using the same logic as me since this disc is the #2 most sold for Star Wars here at Disc Golf Shopping.

Its big blue head provides a sparkling masterpiece as I find in the Full Foil, none of these discs seem to be the same, (off very slightly) but I don't see this in the other Star Wars Discs for whatever reason. I'm assuming it's the sun hitting the bluish tint giving a different look every time you check.

Chewbacca plastic preference: Sparkle Full Foil


Y’all must have thought I was completely against the dark side; well I am, but come its Darth Vader! Only two lightsabers were used and one of them is pictured by him. He looks in great Darth Vader is shown in a fighting stance awaiting his foes.

I can foresee different types of artwork done for him and hope there will be. There are multiple amazing costumes for Darth Vader and will prove to have strong force with him.

Darth Vader plastic preference: Prism Full Foil


This is a blowout, the #1 by far best looking Star Wars Disc is Yoda's. Who hasn't fallen in love with this 900-year-old tiny little green Jedi Master? We saw him first in the movie Empire Strikes Back and later saw him be agile and show his true powers in the amazing fight scene with Count Dooku.

This disc is very hard for me to pick which plastic-type I enjoy seeing him in the most, but something just seems a little more magical with seeing flashes of rainbow colors. It gives the sense of the light shining on yourself.

Yoda plastic preference: Prism Full Foil

Well there you have it, my Star Wars Top 7 Disc Golf Discs! I hope everyone is as overwhelmed with happiness as I am that Discraft was able to find a deal with Disney. Let’s hope more iconic characters will find their ways to Discs as it should open the sport of Disc Golf to others.

Star Wars Hot Stamp Z and D Line

Star Wars Hot Stamps on Z-Line and D-Line are already here! It only took Discraft 2 months to realize the Star Wars Disc Golf was turning out better than anyone could ever imagine. They flew off the shelf’s...hopefully not because it was Christmas time, but perfect designs.

While the Hot Stamps are nowhere near as detailed like the Super Color or Full Foil, they provide the same level of enjoyment knowing the Star Wars Force is with you. Currently....which I say currently in 12/22/18 they are only molding them in Force and Buzz for Z-Line. In D-Line, their most economical plastic Discraft offers, they have the Challenger.

Discraft Star Wars Buzzz

The most popular disc for Discraft is the Buzzz and for good reasons. This Mid-Range disc provides some always consistent throws showing that it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert, the Buzzz will suit you. The name is always been a catchy one providing some great pun’s on the course and off. “You were really Buzzz’ing around the basket there!”

From previously stated, this disc comes in Super Color, Prism Full Foil and Sparkle Full Foil. Around the middle of January of 2019, Discraft announced there were many questions revolving around if they had the ability to do hot stamping for the Z-Line plastic. The answer? Yes! The Star Wars Z-Line currently comes in 5 different hot stamps, Yoda Head, Darth Vader Head, Rebel, Empire, and the iconic Star Wars art!

What’s our favorite design for Z-Line plastic you ask? Well come on being on the dark side just seems right for the Buzzz and the Darth Vader Head fits the bill. It’s Dark stamped head shows any color as brighter and really pops! (Gee I hope there aren’t different color Darth Vader Heads….we currently haven’t seen any so I think they are rare if they are out there. Knowing these disc golf manufacturers they probably did in small quantities)

Discraft Star Wars Force

Didn’t we all see this coming….May the force be with you….let’s be honest Discraft would be silly not to have some Star Wars discs in there up and coming to model the Force. This distance driver has been getting even more popular than the Nuke lately as it’s a bomber shot every time. Oh, we were saying the Buzzz has some good catchy lines…..the Force….hands down beat the Buzzz on this one! “You really had the Force with you on that throw!”

This disc currently is not molded in the premium plastics of Super Colors and Full Foils, but maybe in the future? It is being hot stamped with all your iconic legends of Star Wars such as the Yoda Head, Darth Vader Head, Revel, Empire and the Logo of Star Wars.

What’s our 2nd favorite design for Z-Line plastic you ask? Well, we have to go with the Star Wars Logo. There is just something about it on translucent plastic that makes it pop and what better to have it on the Force!

Discraft Star Wars Challenger

An interesting choice for their first (and only currently 2/5/19) D-Line plastic for Star Wars discs is the Challenger, a Putt, and Approach disc. Many consider it an approach disc opposed to a straight-up putter due to its great glide and ability to handle some torque on everyone’s powerful throws with the disc not being flippy.

The Challenger, as previously stated is only in D-Line so no Z, SuperColor or Full Foil for this one as of yet. It has the same 5 stamps as the Z-lines currently with the Star Wars Logo, Empire, Rebel, Darth Vader Head, and Yoda Head. It’s the cheapest option currently to showcase your love of Star Wars to everyone you know playing Disc Golf.

Ok, we all know where this is going know, what’ the preferred design for the Star Wars D-Line Challenger? We are 100% going with the Rebel design! There is something special about the durable D-Line plastic that this symbol just pops so well on any color plastic. Its Red color has an extra bold look that cannot be matched.

Discraft Launches an additional 14 Star Wars Disc Golf Discs!

Discraft Star Wars Hotstamps

With an estimated date of May 4th, a date any Star Wars fan has in there hearts since it's the "May the Fourth be with you" as the internet has coined the phrase. Discraft is proud to announce 14 new artworks for there ever-expanding Star Wars Discs collection. All of these discs come in the D-Line Challenger, Z-Line Buzz, and Force. (excludes the first 2 discs on our list.)

1. May the Force be With you (Only Force) - Pure Text, but it surely drives the point across!

2. Dark Side of the Force (Only Force) - The Dark side is waiting for everyone, sadly only made in the Force Model.

3. In a Galaxy Far Far Away - They tell me a lot of times I'm in a Galaxy Far Far Away...

4. Millennium Falcon - Resembles the same artwork as the SuperColor Full Foil in an older fashion.

5. Death Star - Utilizing almost the whole disc, this design is superb and looks like the UltraStar disc.

6. X Wing - A new addition to the Star Wars Disc Golf Family.

7. At-At - Not a character you will always find, but many fell in love on Episode 6 with these.

8. Chewbacca - A full figure artwork around him opposed to just a face shot, we like!

9. Boba Fett - Where you been?! Finally, Boba Fett people were asking for and Discraft delivered.

10. Yoda Circle - Another Yoda?! I'm not complaining, this little green guy is the man.

11. Darth Vader Circle - Dark side all love them some deep Darth Vader noises.

12. R2-D2 - We all love to help out, and R2-D2 is no exception.

13. Tie Fighter - The artwork on this disc is excellent, a true iconic motion picture Star Wars.

14. Storm Troopers - Not one, not two, but three! It's almost like they are cloning.