Stiletto Latitude 64

A Fade of 6?  Calling all power throwers!  The Stiletto is here for you.  This is an overstable Distance Driver that hasn't been tested in any hurricane winds just yet, but it holds up to strong headwinds.  Any day you go to the Disc Golf course and it's windy, be sure to have a Stiletto in your bag.  With a turn rating of +1 and fade of 6, you have found your dog-tail disc!  A basket brushed behind thick woods, but clear in front?  Let loose the Stiletto to find the back of anything you can't see with this 6 fade disc! 

Speed: 13 Glide: 2 Turn: +1 Fade: 6    |    PDGA Approval Date: 5/30/13

Latitude 64 Stiletto