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The Westside Discs Harp comes in a plethora of plastic options ranging from Origio all the way to the premium plastic of Tournament Burst. It’s relatively high speed for a putter or more commonly known as an approach disc with a rating of 4 in conjunction with 3 in glide; both high numbers for a putter. With the Harp’s flight path being straight with it having a semi-gradual fade of 3 to the left (or right) at the end of its flight. It's used extensively by professional Disc Golf player, Ricky Wysocki, former Latitude 64 member and now currently on Team Innova. It proves Westside Discs has provided the Disc Golf community with one excellent experienced over-stable disc in the Harp.

Speed: 4   |   Glide: 3   |   Turn: 0   |   Fade: 3    |   PDGA Approved

Westside Discs Harp

The Westside Discs Harp fits perfectly in-between Putters and Mid-Ranges so for depth it’s got the depth of a putter, but the rim was like the width of a mid-range. Whether you’re a person who likes to lean towards putters or lean toward mid ranges the Harp is going to feel comfortable in your hand. As far as a bead it kind of has a pretend bead as it’s sort of there if you’re comfortable with the bead, but if you prefer to throw a beadles disc it still feels fairly comfortable for any kind of shot.

If you are looking for the Harp to not break-in as much and consistently have the same turn of 0 and fade of 3, you should look towards the VIP plastic. This plastic provides a very grippy and very reliable and over stable. We can throw the Harp for a long time without worrying about developing any turn too quickly. It’s also very popular in BT-Soft, Medium, and Hard because those plastics are going to stick a little better on those approach shots close to the basket. The approach shot is what the Harp’s excel at.

Here is an excerpt from the Finnish epic poem of the Kalevala about Harp.

“Wainamoinen, wise and ancient,

hastened to his harp of fish-bone,

and begain his magic playing;

all of pohya stopped and listened,

every warrior was silenced

by the notes of the magician."

The prized possession for Westside Discs is the Putt and Approach disc, Harp. It's by far the most popular disc for their brand and there's a good reason; it’s flies amazing! This is a very reliable over-stable Putt & Approach disc meant mainly for experienced Disc Golfers. The disc was designed to withstand all conditions including anyone's arm speed allowing for excellent approach shots. It has a very flat top as the Harp is utilized for straight approach shots that fade at end of flight.

So like previously stated, it's classified officially as a putter, however.....even in the stamp, it states, "PDGA approved Mid-Range Putter".  What in the world does that mean?!   Well, it has so many uses due to it's over-stability.  It truly can be used at the highest level of competition as a putter or a mid-range such as A.J. Risley used in 2015! (DGWeekly Live)  When putting with it, you will be putting Harper :) You can throw flex shots on an anhyzer, spike and sidearm throws, and work well.  Due to it's top being a puddle top/flat will provide your thumb a perfect spot to place for comfort when throwing this style.  

Many compare the Westside Discs Harp and the Slammer as almost identical.  The Harp has lightly less bead in the disc along with the Slammer has a thumb track on the top of the disc as the Harp doesn't.  The Harp also is not as deep.  Another one that people say is the same is the Suspect.  This one is commonly called the baby Harp.  It's less overstable and used for more of the intermediate player compared to the Harp being used for the more experienced Disc Golfers. 

Hot Stamp Picture Explained

A music event from Finnish national epic Kalevala. The picture was drawn by Arto Hoffrén year 2013. Check out the Kalevala in English language. Harp in Finnish language is Kannel.

Manufacturer's Official Product Description

The Harp is our most reliable approach disc. Designed to withstand any type of condition. It will hold in the wind. For professional players, this could be their only approach disc they will need to carry as it can hold anyone's arm speed and still hyzer. For slower arm speeds, it will be your most overstable approach disc.

With the addition to Burst plastic, since the Harp is one of the most popular Trilogy discs and the #1 most popular for Westside Discs, they have been first in line to get stocked up on Burst plastics!  They are molding the Bursts, but we have not seen any in VIP plastic.  I have a feeling they are unable to use the technology on that type of material.  In any case, the Tournament Burst plastic by far is the most eye-opening and due to the flatness of the Harp it truly pops well. 

It can take a gigantic amount of power without ever having any issues due to being so overstable.  A lot of people use the disc for flick shots and will pop a Ricky uses it for upshots all the time.  Well let's not all Harp on this for too long, it's the perfect disc for everyone!