Axiom Discs

Reliable, Durable, and Stylish Discs
Axiom Discs bring a unique focus on style with their vibrant color combinations of GYRO® rims, new stamp series, and foil options. The Axiom models were designed to complement the MVP lineup while retaining their unique approach to disc craftsmanship. Axiom offers players increased options for colors, flight profiles, and feel. From distance drivers to putt and approach discs, Axiom has a disc for everyone.

Innovative Technologies
Typical golf discs have the bulk of their mass on the inner rim of the core. The inner rim on Axiom discs is lighter and offers a unique weight distribution for a more dependable flight pattern. Instead of the bulk of the weight on the inner rim of the disc, Axiom instead focuses the weight on the outer edge of the mold. Axiom GYRO® Overmold technology is a chemically bonded ultra-dense blend of plastic that is designed to enhance aerodynamics, linear momentum, and angular momentum.
The aerodynamics, linear momentum, and angular momentum of a disc are the three most important factors that affect performance. These factors collaborate to keep a disc in the air and dictate the flight pattern of the disc. The linear momentum of a disc is its ability to sustain the energy needed to continue its forward flight. Linear momentum is affected by the disc’s mass and its traveling velocity. The angular momentum also called the disc’s gyroscopic effect, is an aspect of flight that results from the disc’s rotating mass. This rotating mass keeps the disc spinning on its axis of rotation to keep it supported throughout the disc’s flight. All 3 aspects work together to create a disc that is reliable and consistent in its flight pattern.
The biggest issue conventional discs have is that their gyroscopic effect is not optimized. An enhanced gyroscopic effect, or angular momentum, permits the disc to maintain a perfect rotation on its axis for longer, which increases the time the disc remains in the air. At Axiom, they developed the GYRO® Overmold technology to solve this issue. Their unique design is a two-step molding process that creates a heavier outer ring on the disc. This heaver outer ring balances the transfer of mass during the disc’s rotation, which increases its gyroscopic effect.
All Axiom discs have an enhanced gyroscopic effect due to the GYRO® Overmold technology. Disc golfers using Axiom discs consistently achieve more accurate results through the straighter, longer, and more reliable flight patterns of their discs.
Axiom’s Plastics
Axiom has an expansive lineup of premium double mold plastics that all feature a smooth and beadless edge. Their plastics are durable, consistent, and highly pigmented. Below is a list of the plastics Axiom currently offers and their unique features.
Neutron – Easily the most popular plastic, Neutron provides a quality aesthetic and texture while remaining durable. Neutron plastics are available in a wide variety of high-contrast colors that are dense and opaque.
Cosmic Neutron – Premium Neutron plastic with enhanced colorations. The Cosmic Neutron plastics are perfect for custom stamping.
Dyer’s Delight Neutron – Premium Neutron plastic with no markings, a flat white middle, and a colored rim. Perfect for a custom logo or design, the Dyer’s Delight plastics are the perfect option for a personalized look.
Plasma – A highly durable blend of advanced polymer. Plasma plastics are a metallic sheen on a semi-gummy, grippy flex polymer. This disc golf plastic is available in “color-shift” tones.
Fission – The most lightweight plastic available for the Axiom Crave. The ultra-lightweight Neutron core is permeated with weight-reducing microbubbles. Fission plastic is a proven competitor over previous microbubble plastics and includes the durability of Neutron plastics. Fission discs provide a lighter throw weight while retaining a substantial feel.
Proton – The most durable plastic designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. Proton plastics offer enhanced visibility for night throwing and low-light conditions. You can expect a long and consistent life from your Proton plastic discs.
Cosmic Electron – A tactile blend of multi-tone colors set in a ray pattern. The grip on Cosmic Electron discs is unbeatable and is available in softer flexibilities for putt and approach discs. After wear, the Cosmic Electron discs will exhibit added glide and a more neutral flight.
Eclipse - Unique among the Axiom plastics, the Eclipse is a premium glow material that permeates the entire disc core. The rim on Eclipse discs comes in a variety of vibrant, opaque colors to provide contrast with the high visibility core. Eclipse plastic is extremely durable and will last for years.
The incredible aesthetics of the GYRO® Overmold rim coupled with the premium central cores of Axiom discs make them a top choice for all golfers, disc dyers, and custom shops. The community of disc golfers has continually embraced the creative look and reliable flight patterns of Axiom discs. With so many premium plastics to choose from, Axiom discs are uniquely customizable to suit every skill level and personality.
Grab an Axiom Disc Today
Axiom offers plenty of options for any utilization. We carry plenty of options for distance drivers, fairway drivers, midrange drivers, and putters. Each disc has a unique flight pattern with distinctive attributes and skills. Whether you’re looking for a utility disc, a workhorse disc, or simply an overstable driver, Axiom has you covered. Grab an Axiom disc today and start maximizing your stats!