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Discmania can be considered the younger brother of Innova with all their ties to the monster company.  Simply put, they are 100% a completely different business that provides 4 outstanding group of discs.  Just like golf clubs, each disc type is utilized to do better depending on the distance required to travel. Drivers will go 400ft+ depending on arm strength, Fairway Drivers will go 200-400ft, Mid-Range will travel 100-300ft and Putters from 0-200ft.  Discmania is one of the mid-tiered manufacturers that have been around just over 12 years (as of 2018).  They have started to mount up their fair share of disc molds, but have tampered with signature/special release discs recently.  Lookout for them as they don't last long with the popularity of Discmania.

Top 5 Special Release Discmania Discs

Discmania was formed by Jussi Meresmaa in 2006, a European competing across the globe.  He teamed up with Dave Dunipace from Innova who provided excellent support to grow Discmania.  They worked together closely formulating discs & bouncing new ideas off each other.  In 2014, Discmania made the investment to open an office in Racho Cucamonga, CA.  They were doing great in Europe and wanted to flourish by providing and showing their excellent products to the United States in a bigger way.  Innova currently does all manufacturing for Discmania Discs, but all other portions of the business are done by Discmania.  One of the all time favorites from many Disc Golf players is the P2 & in the PDGA tour Simon Lizotte utilizes this disc and has a signature disc for it named the Sky God.  Update: Retailers have been informed they are moving to Colorado, December 2018.

The Company has expanded exponentially and has been investing greatly into the future of Disc Golf.  With this, they have a strong Disc Golf Tour Team which includes: Anders Sward, Avery Jenkins, Colten Montgomery, Dana Vicich, Dominick, Stampfer, Grady Shue, Jenni Eskelinen, Leo Piironen and Nathan Perkins.  You might be thinking....your forgot their two best team members!  Nope, they are considered the "Sky Team"; Eagle McMahon and Simon Lizotte.

Eagle McMahon was born in 1998 and has been a stunning success since he went professional at the young age of 13!  He started the journey of playing Disc Golf when he was 9 years old.  His success has been tremendous for him and Discmania.  Here are some notables:

While Eagles success is tremendous, somehow Simon Lizotte seems to always gain the light from the Disc Golf audience.  German born, he started playing at the age of 2 years old as his whole family loved the game.  He completely dominated the scene in Germany and started traveling to Europe where more challenging competition was located.  He has notable wins in 2012's European Championship and the winner of the PDGA EuroTour in 2013.  Just as Germany wasn't challenging enough, neither was Europe.  He's now competing in the US and many feel he should have the record for the fastest throw, previously held by David Wiggins Jr.

Now we have some background to some of these amazing people who got the opportunity to have their speciality/limited edition discs made by Discmania, but why buy them?  The players themselves help with the disc design which is usually re-tooled from an original mold.  In addition, a portion of the disc sale goes to the player. (An undisclosed amount)

5. Grady Shue - PD S-Line Triumph Series

Apart of the Tour Team, he is the only one who cracked my top 5 list.  (You can imagine who I choose for the top 4!)  Now the PD is the original Power Driver made by Discmania and it requires a lot of arm strength.  This disc is bottom stamped with his name with "2017 rookie of the year".  Now to my knowledge the PD was not re-tooled or changed from the stock, but lets be real why would you want to.  So why did it crack my top 5 Discmania Discs Signature list?  All the discs have a mild color to them, but the swirls are insane! 

I've seen many forum posts and critics say...we really paying more for "swirls? My Doombird didn't have any! (oops Doombird didn't crack top 5 for this reason)  Well I do not know the exact process on how they stamp or give the swirls, but Discmania did an excellent job on this one.  Also lets face it, Grady Shue is killing it on tour; give him some love!

4. Eagle McMahon - MD3 Glow C-Line Signature Series (Crowned Eagle)

There is something about this disc, I will 100% say the I loved the original design with the scrape marks of a beast, but that disc design has been out of production for a while and very hard to come by unless you get it online used.  The design, the Crowned Eagle I wouldn't say is terrible, but it's still good.  The Crowned Eagle itself is slightly re-tooled and is more stable than the original stock MD3.  It's also my go-to Mid-Range for night flight.

Eagle McMahon has utilizing the MD3 in his game for some time and asked Discmania for a re-tool to the monster of a disc.  His first release was so popular that Discmania had no choice but to release another one to the public.  Don't let this one slip through your hands like the original most likely did as this was a limited run as well.

3. Simon Lizotte - P2 C-Line Sky God (Gold Wings)

The most popular Discmania Disc by far, the P2 mold has been the staple for many Disc Golf players ever since the existence.  The P2 Sky God Gold Wings is another re-make from the original, but this time instead of changing the artwork, they changed one thing and in my mind enhanced the vision by coloring the wings gold.  The human has an Eagle for a head, symbolizing Simon Lizotte emboding what he stands for.

This is another disc that was re-tooled with the help of Simon providing the C-Line plastic to become more of an approach disc than an actual putter.  Many new Disc Golf players all want to throw the fast discs, however once they watch the Disc Golf Tour they realize there throwing the wrong discs!  Approach Discs and Mid-Ranges are the most used disks and should be used more for everyday play.  Simon Lizotte throws the P2 more than anyone I've ever watched in competition play.

2. Simon Lizotte - MD4 Crescent Falcon 2

Are they clouds, discs, or just a flowing circular artwork?  The MD4 Crescent Falcon 2 has a fascinating design all circular with the Falcon in the bottom right of the disc.  The #2 Disc on my Discmania Discs Top 5 Signature Discs was hard not to place first, but maybe it's the success McMahon has had in 2018 that's pushing me away.  

Back to the MD4, a new disc in 2018 for Discmania shows the power of Mid-Range discs by providing a very stable disc.   It gives complete control to the Disc Golfer to hold any line you're seeking to tackle.  If the Crescent Falcon 2 doesn't do that, let Simon test it out; He will be sure to make it look amazing!

1. Eagle McMahon - P2 Glow P-Line Imperial Eagle 2

First on the list, just like Eagle McMahon has been in 2018 for many of the tournaments he's been in this year!  The P2 Imperial Eagle 2 has topped the Top 5 Discmania Signature Discs by providing it in Glow P-Line.  Playing in the night is perfect and stated before, the P2 gives complete control and allows players to effectively throw with accuracy every time. 

The Imperial Eagle is another remake from an orginal...again out of production.  This one is a complete new design, but Discmania nailed it! This full-blown Eagle has a speckled feeling, but never stated in the disc design as not all discs have it.  The glowing eagle is perfect to sink putts with the P-Line grabbing the basket chains with ease.  Eagle McMahon, just like Simon uses the P2 consistently in his gameplay allowing for incredibly accurate throws every time.