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Dynamic Discs was formulated in March 2005 driven with exceptional customer service, hard work and creativity. They sell direct to consumer and wholesale to companies such as Disc Golf Shopping. There are some discs they keep for themselves, but as for us we are allowed to sell below the MSRP giving a cheaper disc to the Disc Golf Community. Dynamic Discs has been actively trying to #GrowTheSport by events across the United States. A noteworthy marketing strategy they implemented is on November 4th 5th & 6th players will be able to play a 9 hole course inside a stadium! Innova has helped grow this movement as well. Their world champion team incudes Eric McCabe, Paige Pierce & Ron Convers Jr. Dynamic Discs is also well known for their license play with Marvel Discs allowing some amazing graphics on their Fuzion plastic discs.


The company was started by just a small EBay hobby store selling discs and transformed into a greater, larger picture. They teamed up with Latitude 64 who is based out of Sweden who are the ones actually producing the discs. Together, Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs purchased a company named, Westside Discs. Westside used to sell discs and get them produced by Latitude 64 and sell them almost identically as Dynamic. The buyout came as a surprise; the three use to be called “Trilogy” and even formulated an event around the three companies called, “The Trilogy Challenge”.


Trilogy Challenge

The Trilogy Challenge is simple, the three companies present 3 new discs in production for the year and they are used for the challenge only. You go to an event, pay the tournament fees ($35 dollars in US) and the director of the tournament provides you with the three new discs. You will be given a putter, mid-range and fairway driver. You are ONLY allowed to use these 3 discs in the tournament where are not for sale in retail until later in the year. Even after the buyout, Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs still produce and sell Westside Discs and hold Trilogy Challenges across the world.


The rules around the event are very flexible as it’s designed for clubs and organizations to become more involved. The format can be one round, two rounds or even a doubles event. They also allow flexible start and stop times for players to shoot there rounds of Disc Golf. It’s all up to the tournament director running the event. Throughout the years, they have allowed you to host an event around a 5 month span from June to October. Each player will be given a players pack that includes: Discs (3), a pencil, scorecard, mini disc and a T-Shirt ranging from S-3XL. Here are the three discs used for the Trilogy Challenge since 2014:


2014 Trilogy Challenge Discs – 273 Events

  • Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Thief – Fairway Driver
  • Latitude 64 Recycled Claymore - Mid Range
  • Westside Discs BT Medium Shield - Putter

2015 Trilogy Challenge Discs – 300 Events

  • Westside Discs Elasto Sampo – Fairway Driver
  • Dynamic Discs Fuzion Evidence – Mid Range
  • Latitude 64 Retro Macana - Putter

2016 Trilogy Challenge Discs – 326 Events

  • Latitude 64 Opto Falchion – Fairway Driver
  • Westside Discs Tournament Sling – Mid Range
  • Dynamic Discs Prime Marshal - Putter

2017 Trilogy Challenge Discs – 355 Events

  • Latitude 64 Opto River Pro – Fairway Driver
  • Westside Discs VIP Pine – Mid Range
  • Dynamic Discs Prime Deputy - Putter

2018 Trilogy Challenge Discs

  • Latitude 64 Opto Musket – Fairway Driver
  • Dynamic Discs Lucid Patrol – Mid Range
  • Westside Discs Origio Burst Maiden - Putter

Top 5 Iconic Dynamic Discs

I’m not fully sure why, but this company has always been well known for their discs in the short game, putters and Mid-Range. These are the Top 5 Iconic Dynamic Discs:


5. Suspect – Mid Range

Finding its way into the Top 5 is the Suspect. Hard for us to say it’s the last on the list for how well it performs playing Disc Golf, but I guess that’s just an attestation on the quality Dynamic Discs has brought to the game with their discs. It’s an in-between disc as I don’t fully consider it a Mid-Range as it’s more of another approach disc for the company. Providing that gap between the two makes it a perfect disc for anyone’s bag as not many discs have been produced to fill this void.

The Suspect is produced in almost every plastic they offer from, Prime, Classic, Lucid, Fuzion and even some Marvel discs as well. The company hasn’t always given the retailers the option to purchase Marvel Discs from all molds, but….slowly but surely they are trickling in for us to get!

Recommended plastic: Prime Burst

4. Truth – Mid Range

Another Mid-Range has hit the list. This time, a true Mid-Range in our book, the Truth was presented to the community on 6/18/13. With open arms after the patent expired on Innova this disc became center stage becoming one of the most trusted discs and were in talks with the best being compared to the Buzz and ROC. Its ability to throw for distance, low ceiling power shots, high drop shots, distance, approach, hyzer or even anhyzer, the disc can do it all. The exact reason for the name as it doesn’t tell a lie.

The plastic assortment presented for the Truth is vast from Prime, Classic, Lucid, BioFuzion, Fuzion and Marvel. One of the most commonly molded for Marvel sales, it’s the Truth, and they sell. Just remember, they have another disc that’s very closely named; don’t confuse the two!

Recommended plastic: Fuzion

3. Warden – Putter

A Beadless putter or approach disc released right after their 2013 disc of the year, Judge. Trying to uphold the legacy the previous disc brought, the Warden did its best, and frankly did quite a stellar job. A very comfortable disc allows for great releases that glide with a neutral flight that’s straight. It was only the 2nd Putter Dynamic Discs produced and almost got the same amount of great recognition.

It’s produced in a wide variety of plastics: Classic, Classic Blend, Classic Hard, Classic Soft, Fuzion, Lucid, Prime and Burst colors available. We are a firm believer when using putters, grip is a necessity along with the ability to grip chains at end of flight to sink those crucial putts. This is the reasoning on our plastic choice for the Warden.

Recommended plastic: Classic Soft Burst

2. EMAC Truth – Mid Range

Ah an upgrade/re-tool which we find better than the original! The EMAC Truth is the younger brother to the Truth by adding some stability to the family. We will try not to bash the Truth, but honestly it’s hard for us to ever say the sequel is better than the original, so let’s bask in the glory. The over-stable disc gives a longer flight path with a straight flight providing the perfect disc for an upshot driver. Having the ability to throw up to 350’ as a mid-range is excellent when having a predictable finish at end of flight.

Like almost every disc on the list, they provide the disc in every plastic imaginable: Prime, Classic, BioFuzion, Fuzion, Lucid and Marvel. The neutral flight path is great disc for you bag and you could have the disc in lucid or soft classic and use it for two separate uses. We feel the driving capability is where the EMAC Truth excels and why we choose the plastic preference.

Recommended plastic: Lucid

1. Judge – Putter

Ah we made it, #1 on our list of the Top 5 Iconic Dynamic Discs, the Judge. It’s hands down what everyone thinks about in the company being the 2013 disc of the year in the player’s choice awards. It’s the best approach disc you will find on the market. Yes we said it, approach disc, not putter. Its ability to handle high speeds without fading is what everyone dreams of. The Judge made this happen and the predictable flight allows you to find your way with extremely long range putts making you look like a professional.

Dynamic Discs knew they hit gold with the Judge and is why they produced it in all the plastics they provide. Our favorite is not the grippiest plastic, but a mixture of all the best worlds since were not exclusively utilizing it for putts, but more for approach. We still require grip, because let’s face it we get some amazing shots we want the disc to get sunk into the basket!

Recommended plastic: Fuzion

It’s been a while since Dynamic Discs has added an amazing disc to their arsenal and in our eyes it’s just a matter of time. They have been absolutely killing it for the short game and hopefully they will start tooling some discs for long range distance as we feel they lack in this area. Maybe it’s because they allow Latitude 64 or Westside Discs to keep up with the long range. It’s also good to note any social media player in the Disc Golf community that pops up and starts getting followers seem to land a job for Dynamic Discs. Guess this is a business opportunity for all you Disc Golf bloggers!


Burst Discs

Another hononrable mention is in end of 2017 they provided not a new plastic, but a dying technique they have implemented on Prime, Class and Fuzion plastic called Burst. These burst disc are absolutely amazing. It’s been used on Latitude 64 and some Westside Discs as well. They are slowly but surely adding them into the mix.


I was expecting when it was first released that it would replace the Prime plastic, but instead it’s basically a $1.00 increase to the plastics listed above giving a dyed flare. An average dyed disc on a normal plastic is nowhere near a dollar increase, but more of a $3.00 increase on an average disc from other manufactures. It’s never perfect and since they sell the discs on their website without providing pictures of each disc, if you don’t buy them from here, you have no idea what’ you’re actually getting.


While I have rarely seen a Burst disc live up to my expectations there are some occasional iffy ones we don’t fully classify as Burst. In this scenario we price them as a normal disc and just eat the cost as would rather have the customer be happy than sad on a disc they bought not living up the expectations. Due note, these are very rare cases; I would say 1 out of 100 discs we get from the company we place in the “sale” category for us. 1% error rate is fine with us for the quality product they produce for us Disc Golfers.


We also have noticed the Fuzion, Tournament, and Gold plastic, which is the premium plastic for the 3 companies seem to have more and more discs that are “Burst like” but are not labeled as such. Unsure if they are weeding out discs just like we do or if it’s just going to be the new thing to do while in production were unsure. I’m not complaining nor have I seen customers complain as this is a $1.00 increase most of the time.


Dynamic Discs Plastics

These are the plastics Dynamic Discs currently offers and let it be known, not all models are made in all plastics. Discs such as Judge or Warden are however made in almost every kind.

  • Prime - This is their cheapest base plastic that has a very buyer friendly price point. It’s durable and grippy and the quality compared to price is worth every penny. These are great choice for putters and are perfect for practice.
  • Classic Soft - Using the same plastic, just a higher quality premium base gives a gummier and softer feel. It’s not as durable, but is meant for Putters not just allowing yourself more grip, but to grip chains while sinking those important putts.
  • Classic Blend - Again, same higher quality premium base plastic, but not as soft and gummy. It’s still soft, but not as hard comparing to the Prime plastic. Same concept, used for putters to grip the chains. Disc Golfers occasionally like the plastic feel better with the blend.
  • Classic - Considered a “hard plastic” is the base premium plastic that feel more like prime. The difference is higher quality giving more durability and additional grip.
  • Lucid - Ah the most durable plastics on the market. It’s reminded of the Innova plastic, Champion. It can take a beating like no other and also usually flies overstable and normally is a translucent disc having the ability to see-through.
  • Lucid Air - Same plastic as above, Lucid Air is just lighter weight. They utilize air bubbles in the plastic which does not change the flight of the discs, just provide an easier throwing capability; especially for beginners with less powerful arms.
  • Moonshine - This plastic is basically Lucid, but with the ability to glow in the dark. Disc Golf needs to be played 24/7, not just when there is daylight. Make sure your city allows night Disc Golf before you go out and play.
  • Hybrid – OOP - Sadly Dynamic Discs has made the executive decision to no longer make the Hybrid plastic. This was an even stronger plastic than lucid, but many thought the flight of the discs were being affected.
  • Fluid - A very gummy like disc that’s a variation of the Fuzion plastic and BioFuzion. It can handle cold weather better than other discs and is usually understable from the numbers provided.
  • BioFuzion - Plastic which is recycled from leftover byproducts from Premium and durable plastics to instead of throwing away, they make another disc. Eco-Friendly!
  • Fuzion - Cream of the crop, durability, grip and smoothest glide out of any plastic. It is produced with the highest quality plastic out of all and the discs truly appreciate it.

Every plastic has their uses and is made differently for actual reasons to provide Disc Golfers a better chance to lower their scores. Be sure to fully educate yourself before buying a disc to allow a greater change you win against your friends or the next tournament you join.


The company does sell Baskets and Bags, at Disc Golf Shopping we only carry a few of the baskets such as the popular Recruit. It has a unique design with a small wheel on the base of the Disc Golf Basket allowing for easy movement. We do sell an abundance of Disc Golf Bags from Dynamic Discs from the ever so popular Ranger H2o that just got a massive price cut in 2018 (From $224.99 to $179.99) to a side strap bag of the Soldier or the Soldier Cooler to keep the soda, beer or water cold when you are in need of cold refreshments out in the sun playing Disc Golf.