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Innova has been one of the most important companies driving the success of Disc Golf in the United States.  Delivering 4 main categories for Innova Discs; just like Golf clubs, each disc types are utilized to perform better depending on the distance required to travel.  Drivers will go 400ft+ depending on arm strength, Fairway Drivers will go 200-400ft, Mid-Range will travel 100-300ft and Putters from 0-200ft.  Innova has been around for many years and have built up a large inventory of different varieties for Disc Golf players to choose from.  Due note, the faster discs are harder to control as many professionals and instructors will tell beginner players to start with Putters & Mid-Ranges even on their drives from the teepad.


Innova Disc Golf Top 10 Discs

Innova Discs had a vision for Disc Golf and it all started in 1983.  In the same year, Dave Dunipace patented the first disc specifically for the sport, the Eagle.  Throughout the years Innova Discs has made multiple different types of models and plastics for their customers playing.  There are four main plastics:  DX, Pro, Champion & Star.  Subsets of these plastics are Glow DX, R-Pro, Yeti-Pro, JK-Pro, KC Pro, KC-Glow, MC-Pro, DX, R-Pro, Pro, Blizzard Champion, Glow Champion, Champion, Star Lite, Echo Star, and G-Star. (I ran out of breath there!) 

The amount of models are consistently growing and are around 100 unique models in 2018.  Not all models are made in each of these plastics, but their popular models are made in a wide variety.  Notable sponsored players are Jennifer Allen, Philo Brathwaite, Steve Brinster, Jeremy Koling, Hannah Leatherman, Paul McBeth (is now on Discraft, what is this the NBA?), Des Reading & Nathan Sexton. Ken Climo & Barry Schultz are two Hall of Fame players that will be written in history of greats in Disc Golf.

So narrowing down a Innova Disc Golf Top 10 list is hard, but i'm up for the challenge.  My criteria was simple, I choose 4 Drivers, because come on everyone loves going far!  I proceeded to choose 2 of the best Innova discs made for each class.  I might have some biased in my decisions, but any top 10 list will have that.

10. Innova Driver - Beast

If anyone knows my story of falling in love with Disc Golf, you should know why the Beast broke the top 10.  I know it's name is Beast, but the disc actually is a slower speed Driver than others in the Innova arsenal.  It was my fathers first driver and he has well over 20 of them.  I grew fond of the easy throwing ability especially for a forehand shot.  If your lucky enough to grab some of these before my father picks through them, call yourself lucky!  |  Preferred plastic: Champion 

9. Innova Mid-Range - Mako3

Another sentimental pick on the list is my 2nd Mid-Range disc ever placed in my bag, the Mako.  I know I know....I choose the Mako3.  Sadly the Mako is out of production, however this new re-tooled disc does exactly what I want it to do, GO STRAIGHT!  This disc gave me the confidence I really did know what I was doing out on the course.  I previously was ill-informed and was throwing a Wraith and Groove getting frustrated, but the Mako set me straight. (see what I did there!)   |   Preferred plastic: Star

8. Innova Driver - Wraith

Well well well, I just said I was getting frustrated with my Wraith, so why did it break the Innova top 10 disc list?  When my arm strength started to improve, so did the Distance Driver Wraith.  Players with strong arms can really find improvements in their game by choosing it provided you have the ability to control it.  Picking up the disc, it reminds me of a Vulcan, however the Vulcan has a flat surface midway up and on the edge.  The Wraith is one of the most aero-dynamic discs I have found on the market. (Colossus included)  |  Preferred plastic: Champion

7. Innova Putter - Polecat

The most shocking pick on the list having backlash for sure is the Polecat.  While this putter is nowhere near the shape and aero-dynamic look of a normal Disc Golf Disc, it's pleasantly surprises me daily.  Like a normal beach frisbee which is way larger and glides wherever the wind is blowing, the Polecat is shaped the same way, but with the normal weight, 180g and smaller.  This compact "normal" frisbee provides me with the comfort and feel like playing a game of catch.  This super slow gliding disc allows me to have full control over my putting inside the green.  |  Preferred plastic: DX (only plastic made currently)

6. Innova Fairway Driver - Leopard3

Why didn't I choose the original?  Is the original no longer being made just like the Mako?  No it's still being made and is still a great disc, but the re-tooling given on the Leopard3 allows players with stronger arms not to have the flippy nature.  If this was a Top 10 for kids, the original would probably be #1 on this list.  Innova also places that disc in most of their sets, because of just that.  Stop talking about it's brother, what about the Leopard3!  If your don't have much power, it will basically fly straight, however this is one be my favorites for shaping shots.  It's ability to curve and sway provides you the ability to overcome any obstacle in your way.  That being said, it might take a bit of damage, thus my plastic choice.  |  Preferred plastic: DX

5. Innova Driver - Valkyrie

A slow speed driver or potentially even classified as a Fairway Driver in today's standards for Innova it brings complete control.  When ever you pick-up a driver, you 100% are placing a bet you have enough Disc Golf Skill to control the disc well enough to increase distance without sacrificing accuracy.  With the Valkyrie, they have found a way to give great control in a driver.  It's popularity and sheer ability has made Innova mold it in almost every plastic imaginable.  |  Preferred plastic: GStar

4. Innova Putter - Aviar

My putter/approach disc of choice has to be the Aviar R-Pro.  Wait a second, I had to read 2-3 sentences more before you informed me of what plastic you like the best.  Well the Aviar comes in multiple molds and can get quite confusing very fast so I wanted to set it clear immediately.  The R-Pro plastic is gummy....everyone says that so what does that mean.  I think of it this way:  Your eating pancakes and put syrup on your plate.  You accidentally put your fingers in the syrup; now when you touch your fingers they are sticky until you wash them.  This is the feel you get with the R-Pro.  Not only does it give me extra grip when throwing, I also have seen first hand it grip those chains.  |  Preferred plastic: R-Pro

3. Innova Driver - Destroyer

An Innova Top 10 list with the Destroyer not as #1?  What is this blasphemy!  It would be first for Distance Drivers only though.  Without a doubt, the highest selling disc on the market is the Destroyer, but why?  It absolutely bombs for people with strong arms and the ones with weaker arms still see great results due to some excellent gliding capabilities.  This disc wouldn't top the best-selling lists every year if it didn't do well for the majority of players.  |  Preferred plastic: Champion

2. Innova Mid-Range - ROC

Another fan favorite, but more for the older crowd is the ROC.  This disc varies greatly with the older runs and there are plenty of different ones out there.  The ROC provides some consistent shots and provides the ability to shape your shots just as the Leopard3 does.  This ability is enhanced with greater control in a shorter game play.  If you ever play a one disc challenge, I would recommend choosing the ROC as it hasn't let me down much.  |  Preferred plastic: KC Pro

1. Innova Fairway Driver - Teebird

The original, not the TL, TL3, TL+, Teebird3; I want the original this time!  Innova got this disc correct on their first mold.  It's in-line with the Valkyrie for me, but with even greater control providing shots you would assume are from a Mid-Range disc.  No matter your arm strength it provides superb distance and parks my disc more than any other right next to the basket.  It's a must for any Disc Golf player in my book.  |  Preferred plastic: Star

There ya have it!  I struggled picking only 10 Innova Discs to top a list and if I made this list next week I wouldn't doubt it would be different.  Innova has so many discs to choose from providing the tools to improve your game.  Just make sure your choosing the ones that suit you the best, not the player who throws 10x harder than you.