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Innova Discs had a vision for Disc Golf and it all started in 1983.  In the same year, Dave Dunipace patented the first disc specifically for the sport, the Eagle.  Throughout the years Innova Discs has made multiple different types of models and plastics for their customers playing.  There are four main plastics:  DX, Pro, Champion & Star.  Subsets of these plastics are Glow DX, R-Pro, Yeti-Pro, JK-Pro, KC Pro, KC-Glow, MC-Pro, DX, R-Pro, Pro, Blizzard Champion, Glow Champion, Champion, Star Lite, Echo Star, and G-Star.  The amount of models are consistently growing and are around 100 unique models in 2018.  Not all models are made in each of these plastics, but their popular models are made in a wide variety.  Notable sponsored players are Jennifer Allen, Philo Brathwaite, Steve Brinster, Jeremy Koling, Hannah Leatherman, Paul McBeth, Des Reading & Nathan Sexton. Ken Climo & Barry Schultz are two Hall of Fame players that will be written in history of greats in Disc Golf.

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