Innova Plastics

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Innova provides a wide variety of plastics, but with no question if you want value DX Plastic is the way to go.  It's the least expensive out of all the plastics Innova makes along with providing the widest selection of models and weights.  The grip is perfect for any weather situation providing you with consistent throwing capabilities.  The DX Plastic will break in over time, which means unlike other discs, the fight patterns may change slightly with more wear and tear. 

Innova Pro Plastic Banner Cover

While Pro Plastic is not perfect, it has multiple advantages over other plastics Innova offers.  The improved grip provides easier throwing capabilities, but the durability takes a slight hit.  The ability for Pro Plastic is shown for having their flight characteristics consistent over the DX line.  Price on this plastic allows for a premium type flight without breaking the bank.  Maybe don't realize the increased glide the Pro Plastic provides for their drives until they throw it for themselves.

 Innova R-Pro Plastic Banner Cover

What's the difference from Pro and R-Pro plastic? The R-Pro plastic is more flexible and has additional grip that Pro does not.  Does this mean it's better?  No it just means it's different.  Many Mid Range and Putters are made in R-Pro while Drivers utilize the normal Pro line. 

Innova Champion Plastic Banner Cover

Consistency is key for perfection and the Champion Plastic provides you with an ultra durable disc that can withstand the elements better than any other.  The extremely slow wearing allows for the flight patterns to retain throughout use.  These discs tend to me stiff and are better suited for powerful throwers.  Innova occasionally changes the flight ratings on Champion Plastic discs due to the stiffness presented in the disc.  Most Champion disc will also be translucent. 

 Innova Blizzard Champion Plastic Banner Cover

Blizzard Champion Plastic has the same characteristics as normal Champion, but there are micro-bubbles inside the disc.  These bubbles do not affect the glide of the disc however they allow a normal 175g disc to weigh in an average of 150g.  There are also Blizzard Champion Plastic discs which if weigh under 140g will float in water.  The plastic is best used for Disc Golf players who don't have the arm strength to throw Champion plastic; these lighter weight discs give you the option! 

Innova Metal Flake Champion Plastic Banner Cover

What is the difference from Metal Flake Champion and Champion?  Flight wise; None.  The only difference in these discs are the general look of the disc.  Instead of getting glittery or hologram looks, Innova molded a new plastic, Metal Flake Champions.  They integrate tiny metal into the disc which give it a sparkly look without taking away for the discs original fight characteristics.

Innova I-Dye Champion Plastic Banner Cover

The I-Dye Champion Plastic has the same characteristics as normal Champion Plastic, but it has some amazing Dyed look that's different on every disc.  Each disc is original as the I-Dye Champion Plastic will never give the same design to any disc.  All aspects of the discs are not affected except for the amazing artwork.

Innova Star Plastic Banner Cover

The Star Plastic is considered by most as the top of the line for Innova. (Some may go with Champion)  This All weather grip provides the feel of Pro and combines it with the durability of Champion resulting in Star Plastic.  It also will retail flight characteristics better than any other plastic which is why this premium product is talked about better than any other.  For any tournament or if your just looking to provide your best potential on the Disc Golf Course, Star Plastic should be your go-to.

 Innova GStar Plastic Banner Cover

What's the difference from Star and GStar plastic?  GStar Plastic consists of a "G"rippier plastic than normal Star.  This is also an Eco-Friendly as it utilizes 50% recycled plastic.  The GStar Plastic still has all the amazing traits as Star, Durable, Reliable, Predictable and Grippy.  It also has a swirl type look (same color) to many of the discs.