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Winter Marksman League – Putting Performance

While Latitude 64 is a company that provides their own line of discs along with producing Westside and Dynamic Discs they try to help the Disc Golf community as well. They introduced a warmer way to play Disc Golf in the winter by introducing league play. They are a 16 week league that allows the tournament director leeway with rules.

It’s simple, putting is a major part of Disc Golf weather people like it or not. In the league, minimum of 3 standard baskets and 2 marksman baskets are utilized. Many clubs have an abundance of baskets and provide a longer type course. The director of the league each week will place the baskets and start location throwing the discs at different locations. The objective is simple, make each putt in one stroke. Latitude 64 has gotten results back and on average from the first week an average of 32 putts were made. By the 6th week the average increased by 37!

Results obviously differs by basket placements and hopefully the skills you are practicing make you a better Disc Golfer. This is what Latitude 64 is striving for and each league provides the winner with a free Marksman Basket. Each TD is provided with a player pack of 5 Retro/Prime/Origio and Zero/Classic/BT putters in various molds. You are not required to use them, but are encouraged to as they provide these at a discounted rate for the league.

Top 3 Latitude 64 Discs

I’m not sure what it is, but the Trilogy discs, Latitude 64, Westside and Dynamic Discs just make the best putters in the game. I don’t believe they hold any patents giving them an advantage such as Innova had until October 27th 2003. (‘297 patent) After 2003, this is why you saw a boom of Disc Golf Manufactures join the game.

3. Sinus - Putter

Interesting this disc is! The Sinus has 3 grip areas on the top with different textures compared to the original disc. This gives the ability to have even more grip than you can ever imagine. We assume it slightly affects the flight path and doesn’t provide the best glide if they were not there, but everything in life is a trade-off and this one is good.

This was one of the original 3 discs Latitude 64 made back in 2005. (Driver – Primitus and Medius) It has a slow speed of 2 and like previously stated, a poor performance of glide as they ranked it as low as they could at a 1. When you’re putting though, do you really want your missed putt to glide farther away from the basket?! It has a straight flight with a 0 turn and then tapers off hard due to the low glide numbers with a 3 turn.

Preferred plastic: Zero Hard

2. Pure - Putter

Whenever we do rankings for Putters, it’s always hard as everyone groups them into a Putt and Approach disc. Well at #2 on the list this disc is more of an approach shot, but classified as a putter. The name is perfect as the disc doesn’t push either way hard. If you want it to go right, throw it right, if you want it to go straight, throw it straight and if you want it to go left, throw it left! It’s as simple as that; not like a disc such as Stiletto where you know it will taper off at end of flight. The Pure provides the Disc Golfer where you want it to fly.

In any plastic the Pure provides a comfortable grip that was co-designed with Jesper Lundmark. The disc has a medium sized rim giving it the ability to sink putts well or give the perfect approach shot to the basket. With a speed and glide of 3 this disc can do it all.

Preferred plastic: Zero Medium

1. Dagger - Putter

This our favorite Latitude 64 disc by far! The high glide gives it the ability to be a great approach shot every time along with a low speed putter. It’s compared to a big bead Aviar, Wizard and Challenger, but with additional glide. An obstruction in-front of you not higher than 6 ft? The Dagger is perfect for floating over.

No matter the skill level, this disc will provide accurate throws consistently. It’s the best trait to have in a disk as you never know what’s going to happen on the Disc Golf Course. With a straight flight of 0 turn it offers a straight shot every time with a very slight fade at end of flight rating at 2. You literally cannot go wrong throwing the Dagger.

Preferred plastic: Zero Soft

The Company sells Bags, but at Disc Golf Shopping we only carry a few of the baskets such as the popular Luxury L3 Backpack. It has a unique designs that provide the Disc Golfer style and comfort everyone strives to acquire. Another popular and unique Backpack Latitude 64 provides is the Easy-Go Backpack. This design provides you the ability to no longer search for the disc you are looking for. It allows the discs to show the tops on the outside allowing for extremely easy access. They have also just recently launched a more economical backpack trying to compete with all the others out there going at lower price points with the Core Backpack.